Sowing Reaping & Attraction Part 1

“How sad to find most living their entire lives without the knowledge or recognition of their innate power to attract what they want – not knowing they have the ability to think things into existence AND by default are doing that anyway only they are not attracting what they want – THEY ARE ATTRACTING WHAT THEY DESERVE – If only they knew AND WERE APPLYING the seed sowing principle – how much better their lives could be.”

Rick Cox

Part 1

From the age of twenty two, I have studied how to become a better, more productive person. Over the years I have listened to, considered and analyzed the writings and teachings of more than a hundred different motivational speakers on hundreds of topics. Please allow me to interject that listening to a broad range or variety of speakers provides you with a different perspective, which at times does help, for not all of us hear the same thing from the same speaker. What I found however, is all wisdom has its genesis in the Bible. It doesn’t matter who or what they are teaching, the root of every necessary principle can be found in one way shape or form in the Bible.

The most valuable, yet the most essential of those is the seed sowing principle. How unfortunate, this is not in every school curriculum, elementary through college. It should be possible for one to obtain a doctorate if desired. Instead of learning the fundamentals and foundational necessities of life, which would provide a better base, we are taught other less important concepts and principles. Is it not better to provide one with a road map to the understanding and betterment of life than to teach principles that do not?

That being said, the seed sowing principle is the foundational principle upon which everything works, at least on this planet. I WOULD CLASSIFY THAT AS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO KNOW SINCE WE DO, IN FACT, LIVE ON THIS PLANET!

I believe the best place to find the most complete picture of the seed sowing principle is in the Bible, Mark 4:3-20; then comparing Matthew 13:3-20 and Luke 8:5-15. The study of these verses will reveal what one needs to learn and know in order to attract what they want in life. That being said let us analyze this principle taught by the Master Teacher.

There was a sower, who was sowing seed. As he begins sowing seed, some of the seed falls by the wayside (not in the furrows made for the seed, but is found to be lying on top of the soil) and the fowls of the air come down to devour it.

As he continues sowing seed some of the ground is not as deep and rich as it is in other sections. It is shallower due to the rock below the soil therefore, it doesn’t allow for the necessary root system. The seed germinates and grows all too quickly due to the shallow ground. As the sun beats down on this newly growing plant, since it has no root structure, it withers and dies.

The sower continues through the fields, but there are other “wooded” or “brushy” areas around which the furrows run. In this clump of small trees, brush and bushes many of the plants are full of thorns. Some of the seeds fall into these areas and do grow up, but it is difficult to get to the fruit due to the fact the plan growing from the seed becomes entangled in these other plants, which are full of thorns. Thus, it becomes difficult to impossible to remove the fruit of the plant without too much work or damage to the plant and its fruit.

Finally, there is the seed, which is sown on good, fertile ground. This seed grows to produce thirty, sixty, and one hundred fold more than itself.

Like you and I would do, those following the Master Teacher asked him what he was talking about. In other words they didn’t get it. He tells them point blank, “If you don’t get this principle you will not be able to get any of them.” Bottom line is the whole kingdom of God was likened unto a man planting a mustard seed. Seeds are planted, grow up and the tree produces housing for the birds, shade for our homes, and fruit for our consumption. If God’s kingdom is likened unto a seed than understanding the seed sowing principle must be important to understanding and best living our life here on this planet.

With the above foundation, let’s discuss the seed: the seed is an interesting organism. It has in it the DNA (or blueprint) necessary to ensure that everything the seed must have to make it the biggest and best it can be, once planted, is attracted, if at all possible. It is good to note the seed also produces AFTER ITS OWN KIND. It will attract the necessary water and nutrients from the soil as well as use the sun light to cause itself to grow and become the biggest and best tree or that for whichever the seed was designed. This means the DNA in the seed knows what to attract in order for it to grow and become the best it can be.

Seeds are remarkable for many, which have were proven to be thousands of years old, have been discovered and subsequently planted. The seed after all those thousands of years still germinated and grew. Seeds are a miracle of life and we are one of those miracles. We grew from a seed and became what we are today. More than any other creature on this planet we have the ability to attract to us what we desire. What most do not realize is this attraction works for the negative or positive. Therefore, if you sow negatively you will reap negatively. If you sow positively you will reap positively. Remember, like produces like.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox