Sowing Reaping & Attraction Part 2

“How sad to find most living their entire lives without the knowledge or recognition of their innate power to attract what they want – not knowing they have the ability to think things into existence AND by default are doing that anyway only they are not attracting what they want – THEY ARE ATTRACTING WHAT THEY DESERVE – If only they knew AND WERE APPLYING the seed sowing principle – how much better their lives could be.”

Rick Cox

Part 2

Let’s talk about seed: The seed in one’s life can be anything from a thought, an idea, desire, dream, or words that are spoken. When these are believed and mixed with emotion, for mixing with emotion is how we water what we believe and say, it will more likely come into existence. The types of seeds we speak of here are words even though thoughts, dreams and goals are seeds. Often when one hears something that sparks their interest these words can become seeds planted in the heart. This can and does go for anything you have heard as you grew up under Mom & Dad, as you attended class, as you hung out with friends or, as you watched TV, etc. Words as seeds can motivate, subjugate, imprison, enlighten, spark freedom, bring joy or cause pain.

In the first section in the story of the sower, the sower sows seeds, which fall on top of the soil or by the wayside. The birds are a picture of how one is affected by the words they hear until those words become substance. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember a time in your life when you heard something that ignited a fire or stirred up a passion in you. You were excited about it, but the excitement didn’t last any longer than getting out of the building where the words were spoken. Yes, the words did initially spark an excitement and joy, they did turn on a light, but you didn’t fully understand them and soon, very soon the excitement and joy left you and the light you had for a short time went out. You wind up leaving the building no different than when you showed up.

This can also be a picture of two people who go to hear someone speak; one hears something that stays with them while the other one does not. They are both excited at first, but quickly there is one that loses the fervor for what was said. In other words, the desire to do or follow what was said isn’t strong enough to keep this person on the path to achieving their goal – THE WAY. The way is THE WAY or road to success, to your goal, or objective. This is the HIGHWAY OR INTERSTATE, if you will. It is smoother, wider open, usually faster and easier to travel.

The seed however, fell by the wayside; the side of the road, which is not as easy to travel. That isn’t to say it isn’t possible to get where you want to go when traveling by the wayside. It is possible to get to the same place as some of the others who stayed in THE WAY, but when you get there it will be quite evident you traveled by the WAYSIDE, which is crooked, muddied and full of potholes requiring much more work, energy and driving skills. It will be obvious you took the long way around for you will look like one hundred or more miles of bad road.

How often have we seen this in others or more importantly, in ourselves? We hear something that stirs us up and we are going to turn the world upside down and then something happens when we walk out of the building and the stirring is gone. We hear a song that stirs up our desire to play an instrument and we are going to do that until we walk out of the concert hall. More often than not the person to which this is happening either has a poor self-image or a bad case of procrastination, which is usually evident in their lives.

Their immediate belief is they don’t have what it takes, they don’t have the follow through so, they let it go. Instead of holding fast to the desire to move forward they let it go or drop it while they are by THE WAYSIDE. It doesn’t take others or outside influences to cause defeat in these people; all it takes is for them to listen to their own wounded heart as it sends out these messages of how they are not good enough, not strong enough and not smart enough to even give it a try. They will sit back and watch as others in their family and even their friends are able to move on, but they will not.

In the Bible it says satan (not capitalized on purpose) came immediately and took away the word that was sown in their heart. This is your own unbelief, your own self doubt, your own poor self image. In other words, the soil of your heart has been skewed to the point where you are not able to germinate the seeds being sown. Instead, your heart is only germinating what IT THINKS YOU DESERVE.

This will be your lot in life until or unless you work to reprogram your heart, which by the way is the soil upon wherein your seed will be sown and grown. There is no other way to receive and germinate unless you do. In this case your heart is THE WAYSIDE. It is here the fowls come to devour and/or take any ideas or thoughts you receive for personal betterment, prior to them taking root. As long as this continues to happen, you will have limited success and what little success you have will come with a great price due to the tough road or WAYSIDE you are traveling to get there.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox