Sowing Reaping & Attraction Part 4

“How sad to find most living their entire lives without the knowledge or recognition of their innate power to attract what they want – not knowing they have the ability to think things into existence AND by default are doing that anyway only they are not attracting what they want – THEY ARE ATTRACTING WHAT THEY DESERVE – If only they knew AND WERE APPLYING the seed sowing principle – how much better their lives could be…”
Rick Cox

“Whatever one receives in life, whether physical or spiritual, it first started as a seed. This seed was either planted by your parents, yourself, or someone else. You became “the beneficiary” of whatever seed was sown, bad or good. On this planet, all of life’s process begins with the planting of a seed. These seeds come to us from many sources such as spoken or written words we have heard or read; thoughts and ideas from ourselves and others, or things we have seen…”
Rick Cox

Part 4

The type of soil in which the seed is planted is as important as the seed itself. Remember, it is the heart, which is the soil. It is in the heart you plant your dreams and aspirations. It is in the heart where the words you hear, receive and put in action with emotion are planted. We previously discussed the seed that fell on top of the soil, or hard ground, and was unable to germinate; the seed was also subject to being eaten before it took root. This is like a good thought that comes in, but doesn’t stick or take root in your heart.

We also discussed the seed that fell on stony ground or the ground that is more stone than dirt thus, not allowing the seed to establish a decent root system. We also discussed the seed that is planted and begins to grow, but is soon pulled up. The seed is not given the chance to grow to maturity because like a hapless thought, it has no root and or is torn up by some new thought that comes along to supplant it or, due to having no root, withers and dies quickly after planting.

Now we are going to talk about sowing seed among thorns. The Bible story puts it like this in today’s vernacular: “These are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the motivating and uplifting words and or received these motivating and uplifting thoughts, but the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lust for other things enters in, that is to say enters into the heart, and chokes the ability of the seed to produce fruit that is harvestable.

This type of soil, which in this case is the heart of a person, has so much potential, but is never able to reach even half of its ability or capacity. This soil or heart may be talented, gifted and right off the bat skilled at certain things with the ability to become skilled at many more. Those in possession of this heart are often charismatic although there will always be a few in which this is not the case. This may be a person you emulate or admire. They can win anyone’s heart for they have usually already won yours.

Oddly enough however, it seems they are never able to get a project completed; they are never able to finish or see it through what they have started. They have the ability to produce, but the harvest is mixed with so much other stuff it is either not sellable or will not command what it could be worth if not surrounded by so much other garbage. This person sets goals, but seldom reaches any of them. Although they have all of the natural gifts and abilities, three things usually render what could be a great harvest for them and others, either barren or unusable. Their ability to enjoy or fully appreciate the harvest is literally choked out by one, two or all three of these “IDENTIFYING CHARACTERISTICS.” These characteristics are:

1. “The cares of this world…” They are easily distracted.

These people allow everything to keep them from completing their goals. There is any number of reasons for why they can’t go on. They get so concerned about what is going on around them or in someone else’s life they are unable to continue to focus on their own. Literally, “the cares of the world” overwhelms them. They worry about everything. They take on the problems of others. They are unable to let go of the past. They are “distracted” by everything therefore; they are unable to focus.

They can also be those who “care” more about how they look to those around them than they do about following the seed sowing principles and letting the results speak for themselves. They just might have the “I” disease. Everything Is about them. Because it is all about them they forget about the seed sowing principle. It is as if they are wishing for someone to hand them success or money because they care so much. This is not going to happen.

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how much you care, worry, or fret. You still have to plant. You still have to follow the laws that govern this planet, and if you do you will get what you desire.

2. “The deceitfulness of riches…” They are easily deceived.

The focus of these folks is usually on money, riches, and wealth. More often than not this deception eludes them. They quickly forget their goals as greed chokes out the wisdom of exercising patience while waiting for the plants to grow. They are deceived into the belief that money is the answer; for if they had it, enough money, all of their problems would be solved. (Notice the “it” for there is an I in It just like Is). They miss the fact they must first become what it takes to attract what they want or to have IT.

Due to their abilities, talents and skills they have a head start over most, but are unwilling to follow the laws governing how things work on this planet. They look past the fact money is simply a byproduct of what they become. It is simply a byproduct of their service to the market place. At this point they are off their goals. They are now doing whatever it takes to get what they want. With their plans driven by greed they start trying to circumvent the process of planting, cultivating, and harvesting because the seed sowing process would take too long. They are deceived into thinking they can get what they want by cheating the system. They do this because they believe they are smarter than Mother Nature, and even smarter than God. They start taking short cuts by tossing out the way all things work therefore, they seldom enjoy success.

The process as it was designed must be followed in order for it to work. Taking short cuts and cheating might get one some limited success up front, but it will not last. Remember there is no security in money, the real SECURITY IS IN YOU. IT IS IN WHAT YOU BECOME. THAT IS HOW GOD MADE YOU.

3. “The lust for other things…” These folks are easily swayed.

They want what they don’t have. Their lust to have and be like others at times overcomes their sense of decency, and of right and wrong. Their lust to have it immediately means they will give up on the seed sowing principle for that process will take too long. They are swayed into getting off track because of the glimmer of the jewels or the enticement of that for which they lust. They do not realize there is only a false sense of security in these types of riches. The real security is in what you become. These people seldom ever work through what it takes to “hone the gifts” they have been given. They expect things to come easy without work.

When one is lusting they are not schooling their emotions, but allowing their emotions to control and run their lives. Left unchecked, lust, jealousy, and other such emotions can be quite destructive. Please understand there is nothing wrong with wanting more or desiring for better, but lusting means you will do whatever to get it and that is when you are no longer in control of your life.

Are you allowing yourself to be distracted, deceived, or swayed from following what you know is right? What are you going to do about it? The choice is up to you.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox