Sowing Reaping & Attraction Part 5

“How sad to find most living their entire lives without the knowledge or recognition of their innate power to attract what they want – not knowing they have the ability to think things into existence AND by default are doing that anyway only they are not attracting what they want – THEY ARE ATTRACTING WHAT THEY DESERVE – If only they knew AND WERE APPLYING the seed sowing principle – how much better their lives could be…”
Rick Cox

“Whatever one receives in life, whether physical or spiritual, it first started as a seed. This seed was either planted by your parents, yourself, or someone else. You became “the beneficiary” of whatever seed was sown, bad or good. On this planet, all of life’s process begins with the planting of a seed. These seeds come to us from many sources such as spoken or written words we have heard or read; thoughts and ideas from ourselves and others, or things we have seen…”
Rick Cox

Part 5

“Those that plant on good ground/soil…” The story is as follows: “…and these are they which are sown on good ground, such as hear the word and receive it, bringing forth a harvest of thirty, sixty, or one hundred fold.”

Not all of those who plant on good ground will receive the same amount of return as can be seen above. Not all of us work as hard, not all of us are Olympians. However, it does say the least amount of return was thirty fold. Can you imagine you plant one seed and you get thirty in return? You plant three hundred seeds and you get nine thousand in return. You plant three thousand and get ninety thousand in return and so on. This is not a bad return on your investment.

There is another lesson to be learned alongside the sowing of seed: Two people can plant in identical sized fields, with seed from the same supplier, using the same water source, the same weather, yet get two different yields. There are multiple reasons, not the least of which has something to do with LUCK (Laboring Under Correct Knowledge).

The reason for this is one farmer will spend more time in soil prep/cultivation, removal of weeds, protecting from damaging insects and adds fertilizer to the soil, water or both. He will take the time to inspect his crop watching for any signs that might expose potential problems or weakness so he can do what is necessary to counter-act what is happening. In other words, he inspects what he expects. The other farmer simply allows the seed and soil to do what they do without any additional work. Although the seed and soil are an amazing miracle, it is the extra effort on the part of each of us that will determine the actual results.

Those sowing in good ground have learned about the seed sowing principle. They have come to know everything produces after its own kind and you must sow before you reap. They are following the rules. They have spent sufficient time in the preparation of becoming good ground or soil through studying, practicing, and developing an ear to hear as well as a heart to receive.

A major portion of this ‘soil’ preparation does require spending extra time, similar to that which the farmer did above on his soil and cultivation. This is the same as letting go of yesterday’s mistakes. It is overcoming your own self-doubts and poor self-image. It is forgiving others for things you hold against them and clearing your heart of the weights, which hold it and you bound.

When one’s heart is clean it is more likely to produce. Being clean and not having nagging baggage allows them to become much more laser focused on that which they want and allows them the necessary energy to get it. On the other hand when the heart has a few issues it may only produce thirty fold. Often we think our heart is fine, yet there may be a few unresolved issues. These issues cause the soil and seed to respond indifferently not allowing more than a thirty fold return. This can mean you are not one hundred percent focused on your goal and are still being drawn here and there by these unclean thoughts of the heart that keep you from achieving all you desire.

Olympians are Olympians because they have spent the time to prepare for the race. They have set aside all things that will keep them from their goal. They have removed all distractions for the specific purpose of attaining the prize. Their life is being lived for this purpose alone. There is only one thing on their mind and that is to win. Not all of us are Olympians. Not all of us are going to give it everything we have, but some do and for those that do, they deserve to receive the hundred fold return. God Bless them.

How well is your soil/heart producing? Is it producing thirty, sixty, or hundred fold?

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox