Sowing Reaping & Attraction Part 6

“How sad to find most living their entire lives without the knowledge or recognition of their innate power to attract what they want – not knowing they have the ability to think things into existence AND by default are doing that anyway only they are not attracting what they want – THEY ARE ATTRACTING WHAT THEY DESERVE – If only they knew AND WERE APPLYING the seed sowing principle – how much better their lives could be…”

Rick Cox

“Whatever one receives in life, whether physical or spiritual, it first started as a seed. This seed was either planted by your parents, yourself, or someone else. You became “the beneficiary” of whatever seed was sown, bad or good. On this planet, all of life’s process begins with the planting of a seed. These seeds come to us from many sources such as spoken or written words we have heard or read; thoughts and ideas from ourselves and others, or things we have seen…”

Rick Cox

Part 6

Let’s review what we have covered in the previous 5 parts:

“As the seed was sown some fell by the wayside”… There are two different types of soils or hearts here:

1. This is the person with a poor self image. The one who does not think they are worthy; who doesn’t believe what was being said could possibly be for them, because no one believes good of them neither do they believe good for themselves. The words never get in the ground; they never take root.

2. At a seminar or lecture hall someone is sharing valuable words, in other words giving out valuable seed, and some falls by the wayside. Two people are there, but only one truly hears what is being said. Only one is able to receive the words in a manner that allows those words to be planted and take root in their hearts. The other, unfortunately, is unable to hear as they do not have ears to hear. The reason for this is they have a hardened heart. Many may know what this is, but a few might not. The hardened heart is a heart that has been broken, hurt, trampled on and damaged, one too many times. They are past the point of being jealous, bitter and angry, they are numb. In order to keep from getting hurt again, the heart decides that no more information will be let in for fear of creating an opening, which might cause or allow more pain to enter the heart. This is the heart that has been hurt the worst. Thus, when valuable words or seeds have been spoken, they have nowhere to take root, and are left by the side of the road as trash.

“Some fell on stony ground…”
This heart/soil has the capacity to hear and does receive the words/seeds with gladness, and thereby allows the seed to take root. Unfortunately, due to their own insecurities and or the ridicule of others whom they look up to or respect, such as a parent or friend, they give up on allowing the seed to grow into fruition. They either allow the plant to die or dig it up themselves as proof to their family and friends they are not what they were being called. In any case there is never a harvest.

“Some fell among thorns…”
This heart/soil does not allow for the fruit to be harvested. The seeds are sown, the plants grow and the fruit is ripe for the picking, but you can’t get to it due to the thorns and thistles. The cost of getting to the fruit or obtaining a harvest is not worth the rewards.

These are the hearts/soil of the bigoted, arrogant and egotistical for these people are usually multi talented and immensely gifted. They have not recognized the fickleness of life and are unable to see beyond themselves, at least for the time being.

These hearts are:

1. Easily distracted by everything except that for which they should be focused.

2. Easily deceived by the bling and the glitter. Always believing there is a short cut to success.

3. Easily swayed by their inability to control their own emotions. They give in to feelings, which will surely lead them down the wrong road, but they follow it anyway.

The day will come in most cases, when they will understand humility, although this does not happen in a few. For those that do humble themselves, then and only then will their gifts and talents truly work for them.

“Some fell on good ground…”
This ground produces thirty, sixty and one hundred fold. The yield will be determined by learning to use LUCK, which is an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. The owner of this heart will have spent a little more time working on clearing the heart of that, which would keep it from producing. That which will keep the heart from producing is:

A. Holding on to yesterday’s mistakes for this is one of the toughest things to overcome or let go.

B. Learning to master self-doubt and or the poor self-image.

Forgiving others for things you hold against them.

Each one of these or all of them combined can cause the heart/soil and seed to respond to each other indifferently thus, varying the harvest. On the other hand having a heart of good ground is the result of discipline, patience, tenacity, and preparation on purpose.

I am sure you have recognized yourself AS being at least one or a mixture of these soils.

The question one needs to ask of them self is this: Are you only attracting what you deserve based on what your heart is allowing or are you attracting what you want? If you are not attracting what you want then it is because your heart is not good soil and making it good soil is no one else’s job, but yours. Whether you stay where you are is up to you and only you. Make your choice to become better soil today and do something, anything to move in that direction. Do not be swayed or deterred by that which will come along to discourage you. You must keep on keeping on. You must fight for what you want.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox