Struggle & Resistance

“No one likes to face or struggle with problems and hardships however, those that are wise come to recognize struggles and hardships as opportunities to grow. The truth is people that are wise as well as confident know that struggle and resistance are the best way to develop the ability to overcome, not only their current obstacles, but those they will face in the future by flying over or around them – just like the butterfly now that it has wings…” — Rick Cox

We all start out in life like the caterpillar. As a caterpillar is subject to being stepped on and or unable to flee from most predators, so are we until we are able to develop the ability to walk and run, which at first is not easy but quite the struggle. As we grow physically, it is also imperative we grow in wisdom so we can use all of our faculties to help us foresee and avoid that which could possibly hurt or destroy us. By doing this, we as humans are gaining our wings to help us fly over or around the dangers in life. This is best learned little by little in the same manner we learned to avoid tables and sharp edges when we first began to walk. We learned what was hot and what other dangers to avoid. As we grow we face more and more struggles and can, when we develop wisdom, become like the butterfly with the ability to avoid dangers by flying over, around, or away based on what is necessary at that time.

However, we are not to avoid all the dangers we face. Some of them will help us to grow. Some of them will help us develop our wings and morph from being a person without a clue to being one that is full of wisdom and insight. Caterpillars morph from being something subject to being stepped on and or the meal for a lizard or bird to being able to fly away from those dangers. Their flying patterns are not smooth but erratic with up and down and side to side motion. This erratic flying makes it much harder for predators to catch them. This ability to fly came from their struggle to work their way out of the cocoon which, as a caterpillar, they spun around themselves. If you remove that struggle and make it easier for the butterfly to get out, this will only weaken the butterfly and due to its inability to fly, will soon die. This is what we often do when we try to avoid facing the struggles of life. When we avoid all dangers and all struggles we are not able to fully develop. By facing them however, we grow, not only in wisdom, but in character as well.

We can grow from simply being a child to an adult without having grown in wisdom and strength. We will then be subject to the winds of life as they will determine how we live and what we enjoy. We will not have developed the ability to use the struggles to help us grow and by avoiding hardship, we will not grow in our ability to enjoy a better quality of life. On the other hand we can morph from being young and immature, even as an adult, to being seasoned with wisdom, insight, and understanding, which we have gained from how we faced and responded to the struggles life brought our way.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox