“It is continuous effort, not strength or intelligence that is the key to unlocking our potential…” — Winston Churchill

It is true, not all of us have a naturally muscular or curvaceous body; at least not one providing us superior confidence while strolling the beaches. Not all of us have that captivating look from which we might be called handsome or beautiful. Nor do all of us have that level of confidence to believe everyone will not only accept us, but will be attracted to us as well. Everyone does however, have an unlimited supply of potential within, which can be tapped if we are tenacious enough to stay at it until we win.

The key is sticking with it until we have figured out what it is we are good at or what gift it is we have, which we can then share with others. We need to have the tenacity to commit to learning all that is necessary to achieve what we want for, then and only then will it come to pass. By taking on a TENACIOUS NATURE we can make a skill of whatever gift we have hidden inside. Through this tenacious nature we can achieve our full potential. As a result, we will find astonishing things will happen for our potential will take the shape of a winning life style.

Before we move on let me make sure you understand what it is I mean by being tenacious. Tenacity may have a different meaning to you than to someone else. It may not hold for you what it holds for me therefore, in order for us to get on the same page let’s take a look at what it is I am trying to say. TENACITY / TENACIOUS is defined as: To stick with something even when the going gets tough; holding or tending to hold persistently to something; holding fast, or inclined to hold fast; inclined to retain what is in possession; unyielding; stick-to-itiveness. In other words, doing whatever is necessary to stick to your guns until you get what you want. When you want it as bad as your next breath with your head being held under water, you will get it.

Unfortunately, there is a predominant thought that most are guilty of and that thought is this: Most are tenacious enough to stick to being who they are until they die and sadly would stick to who they are RATHER than change to that which is necessary. In other words most believe what and who they are is fine therefore, everything should line up with them. The truth is one must be tenacious enough to become what is necessary to attract what they want; which in any case would constitute success. None the less, as stated above, most don’t want to change. Most want what is around them to change and the hard truth is that just isn’t going to happen.

Although I wholeheartedly believe one can attract what they want by becoming what it takes to do so; I also believe one of the potential problems with that thought process is people then have a tendency to feel IF THEY JUST STICK TO THEIR GUNS that which is around them, will change. They do not believe it necessary for them personally to change, and yet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Upon observation of a magnet you find there are ends that will attract and ends that will repel; there is a south and north pole. If one tries placing two like poles together they will repel each other. It doesn’t matter how hard you think about it or how long you wait, the two like ends will never attract each other UNLESS THE FIELD IT EMINATES IS PHYSICALLY CHANGED. The same applies to us. We must change before anything around us will respond differently to us. It is only when we change, that things around will change for us.

It is most unfortunate, most don’t want to change. Their version of tenacity is to fight to the end to stay the way they are, yet all the while not becoming what it takes to attract what they want. Often the reason for this is people believe they are going to have to change WHO they are, when that in fact is not true. One can remain true to who and what they are, but change their response to what is going on around them. This then will put them in harmony with that which is around them allowing what is around them to be attracted to them rather than repelling them.

Another way to put it is to look at seed, soil, sunshine and rain. A seed has within itself all of the necessary qualities and properties to attract to itself what it needs to grow into what it was destined to be if it is placed in the right conditions and the same applies to us as well. The soil has in it many of the nutrients the seed will need to draw to itself to complete its growth process. Water has in itself other nutrients necessary for this growth. The atmosphere or air around has another part of that which is necessary and the sun has in itself the rest of the nutrients the seed needs to become that for which it was destined.

I can explain this as follows: One could plant a seed in soil then wait for it to germinate. If however, one did not change how the soil responded to the seed BY ADDING WATER; the seed could and would sit in the soil forever without germinating. If one added water, but no sunlight, the seed may start to germinate however, without sunlight the resulting plant would be stunted and weak. It would soon die never having fulfilled its destiny. All the potential in the world will not change the requirements necessary for the seed to germinate and eventually grow into that for which it was destined. The seed needs to have the correct conditions in order for this to happen and the correct conditions will only happen when one is tenacious enough to see to it those conditions are met.

We are the seed. Everything else around us is the soil, sunshine and rain. How we respond to these is what is going to make the difference in what we become. The soil, sunshine and rain are not going to change. In order for things to change for us WE NEED TO CHANGE. Fortunately for us, being human, we can change our response, change our placement, change our attitudes, change our focus and change our philosophies thereby, allowing the soil, sunshine and rain to help us become all we were destined to be. Our tenacity needs to be focused in the right direction, on reaching our full potential. We need to be tenacious in our learning and adapting to the world around us so our potential will take the shape of a winning life style.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox