The Boomerang

“Many of us are quick to condemn others for that which we are also guilty. We do so not realizing we have thrown out the boomerang of condemnation, which will only bring back that which we have condemned of others onto ourselves…” — Rick Cox

There is a verse in the New Testament, which says:

“…You are inexcusable whoever you are that judge others: for wherein you judge another you also condemn yourself; for you that judge do the same things.”

It seems to be the nature of mankind to judge and criticize others rather than focus on self and work on our own shortcomings. Sadly, this is something most of us already know yet, we continue to do it anyway then wonder why our lives are not what we want them to be.

For those of you who remember Romper Room, the kids show on TV for several decades, Miss Mary (the host for our area as there were over a dozen different hosts around the country) would grab her magical large hoop and look around the room saying I see Debbie, Ronny, Johnny, Tommy, Jane, Susie, Timmy, Larry, Sharon, Laura (the list changed each day). All the while the children sitting out in TV land felt special when their names were mentioned; it was as if they were there with her in her classroom. They felt special. This large hoop was supposed to let Miss Mary see what was going on with the children. It opened her eyes to see special things.

Even without this magical hoop we human beings often “miraculously” gain an insight or become aware of a weakness, which is in need of correction, in the lives of those around us. Our first inclination is to share with those around us this keen insight we have come to know regarding their weakness; doing so of course to help them overcome and move on. Usually our sharing is not of the most diplomatic articulation therefore, rather than being of help we alienate. I would venture to say we have all done this from the time we were small children. We did it with our siblings, parents, relatives or friends regardless of age. One would hope this would be something all would outgrow. Unfortunately, more adults than not still practice this keen insight on everyone, but themselves.

About twenty years ago I discovered the reason for this new found ability or insight. Now knowing the reason, when I begin to notice a fault or weakness in my spouse, daughters, extended family, work colleagues or friends I first ask myself, “Am I the one with the problem; is this why I can now see it?”

I personally believe the reason we get this new vision is as simple as this: there is a ninety nine percent chance you have whatever issue it is you are currently seeing in someone else. This very reason your eyes are open to seeing the problem is because you have that very problem. This is to help you recognize, deal with and overcome it. Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to focus on the faults of others rather than ourselves. It is hard to admit we have faults; it is however, much easier to see it in others.

Truth is, this new ability to see through the Looking Glass was given to view our own faults, shortcomings and weaknesses; NOT SOMEONE ELSES and especially not those around us. If we would take the time to inspect the Looking Glass we have, I believe we would notice it is turned around – it is pointing at others instead of our self. This is what happened to me. I began to see little areas needing help in my wife; areas where she could improve. I had never been aware of these prior. How could it be that I had never seen them? Well, love is blind I thought.

As a result I started sharing with her what I saw. Early one morning, in my quiet time of meditation and study, I was made aware of a few areas of my own, which were in dire need of help. My first thought was how interesting, my wife has these same issues then, it hit me. I was the one with the problem not her. My eyes had been opened to see my own short comings, not hers. I came to realize the side effect of having your eyes opened to your own faults is you are also able to see those same faults in others. Unfortunately, as human nature would have it, we most always choose to pick on others rather than ourselves.

So, it is in this manner we wind up being the recipient of ‘The Boomerang of Condemnation.’ We throw out the condemnation and it comes right back to roost on our own porch. What we need to do is to learn to work harder on ourselves than we do on others. If all would do this, would not this world be a better place in which to live?

I challenge you to give it a try for it will not only make you better, it will encourage others to follow your lead and do the same. Therefore, be a leader worth following by working on yourself and you will find others will follow. Don’t simply point to that which is right; lead by example by working first on yourself.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox