The Limitations of Fear

“There are many reasons for why people wait for guarantees; most however can be found in fear – fear of poverty, death, failure, ridicule, rejection, the unknown and yes, even the fear of success…” — Rick Cox

Fear is the single biggest reason for why people procrastinate. It is also why they don’t try doing such things as: speaking in public; singing, unless in the shower; applying for the job they really want, unless through a friend; asking for that which they seek unless to someone they trust; grabbing the handle of life and opening the door when opportunity knocks; buying at the right time; entering the contest or attempting anything such as driving, flying, skiing, loving, etc. It is sad to think of the talent, gifts, art, and music the world is missing out on because of fear. It is heartbreaking to think about the loss, not only to the world, BUT more importantly to the person who will not reach their potential simply, because of fear.

Fear may be the worst enemy ever known to mankind yet unfortunately as children we originally were taught to fear as a means to keep us safe. Although it may have been meant for good it can, if left unchecked, become an enemy in the long run. Fear is also used in religious beliefs; that is to say it is used to keep us on the right track for if we do not we will suffer the consequences. Often, in the religious arena, fear works together with guilt giving us the one-two punch thereby, keeping us from becoming all we were meant to be.

You will however, find there is no power in fear other than that which “we give” to it. When we do give it power it can wind up controlling our every action, move and thought. The paralyzing after effect of fear will almost always, unless we garner enough intestinal fortitude to break it, leave us having achieved nothing of significance for the fear will keep us from reaching our potential. How sad not to have reached that potential simply because you were afraid to try.

Imagine the farmer making a decision not to plant the seeds he has purchased for fear he will go through all of the work of planting only to have the seeds not grow and mature into the resulting harvest. Imagine the dairy farmer who is afraid to raise and feed cows for fear they will not produce milk. Imagine the rancher who fears his fences will not hold his herds, but they will scatter just prior to being sold to the butcher. Imagine the song writer who writes no songs out of the fear that no one will listen or for those that listen, no one will like it. Imagine the boy who falls in love with the girl, but decides not to pursue for fear of rejection.

This could apply to every aspect of every life with the result being there would be no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no cars to drive, no music to listen to, no art to appreciate, no love in our lives, you get the point. We would be in a prison of our own making simply because we allowed something outside us to control the greater power within us. In order to overcome fear one must face it. As archaic and simple as this may seem it is the only way the fear will lose its control of you. It is also the only way you will gain control of your own future.

What is fear of poverty, if it is not the fear of going broke thereby, not having enough to take care of your family and self? Isn’t the meaning of poverty not having enough? If that is the case, not enough would equal poverty and the opposite of poverty would equal enough. So, our fear is we will not have enough, but enough of what? Are we talking about not having enough to eat or wear? If that is the case the only way this could happen would be if you had been thrown into a war camp or foreign prison and were being treated inhumanely by being kept naked and starving to death. If it was only you in the prison you wouldn’t have any way to take care of your family anyway. However, with the proper mindset, it is quite clear one can do enough of something to bring in food and clothing. You may not be able to live as you would like (at least for the time being) but you will be able to have the basic necessities of life. What is there to stop you except yourself AND the fear YOU are allowing to bring that very poverty into being?

Usually when one starts on this journey they have to get angry in order to follow it through. In other words when one finally decides they are not going to allow themselves to be afraid anymore they use the emotion of anger to help them carry the process through to fruition – they are actually angry at that which they were once fearful, but because of the anger it appears they are taking it out on others. If one continues on this journey of facing their fears this anger issue usually subsides as the person becomes stronger while recognizing there is no need for the anger in order to face their fears. So, if you happen to become the recipient of some of this anger, be cognizant and patient of what those around you are dealing with or going through in their journey of life. If it is you going through this phase, then rest assured the anger will pass as you get a handle on overcoming each fear.

Fear is the single largest reason people do not take risks in life. Like that which was stated at the beginning, most want guarantees the vessel on which they will travel will be a SURE-THING BOAT. They want no chance of being disappointed, losing, failure, or rejection. The truth however, is to those who are willing to dare go the spoils of life. They are the ones who will find the gold; accomplish the most; have the biggest harvests; get the girl or boy and win in the game of life.

What fear is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams? What are you going to do about it? Get started today – write down your fears and begin to face them ONE AT A TIME. I can guarantee you will be glad you did.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox