The Magnet in YOU

“As is stated above, this magnetic power IS emitted through your thoughts and as such IT IS your thoughts, which can and often do repel the very things you want rather than bring them to you…” — Rick Cox

It is true, we are what we attract, and we attract what we are. What this means is, due to what we think about and dwell on most often, we wind up not getting that for which we dream. What we usually get, are those things we do not want for that is what our thoughts are attracting. We must become what it takes to attract those things we desire. It is only then we will attract that which we want.

Now, even though we can attract that which we desire, this does not mean what we want will fall on us like ripe apples off a tree, for it will not. We are going to have to work at it, and though we do become what it takes to attract it there are going to be obstacles, issues, and tough times. These tough times can be likened to the issues faced by farmers and ranchers in the raising of crops and livestock. There are always issues to deal with in the farming crops; such issues as weeds, harmful bugs, destructive storms, damaging cold, wilting heat, a lack of water, the need for fertilizer, as well as theft and other issues. Along with these concerns there is the market place and what it says the crop is worth. What if after all you have done you find your crops cost you more than the market is willing to pay? The same goes for ranching with livestock being killed by predators such as coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, and diseases, which can wipe out much of your herd. Then there is theft and again the market place, which also dictates whether you are going to make or lose money.

As stated, a big part of the reason for the issues you face on a daily basis is that your thinking is not correct. You are not thinking of or on the right things. What you are thinking of however, is your fears, and worries. You are thinking of why you don’t deserve what you want as you are not convinced you are worthy. Sadly, this thinking will bring you something, but it will not be what you want. You can say you didn’t want it however, your thoughts tell a different story. This is because through improper habits of thought, you have developed tendencies. This means the tendency of your mind is to act in a certain way, to move in a certain direction and to thereby, produce certain results.

Although we have the issue of improper thinking, there is another reason for the negative issues you will face, and that is to test your mettle. Said another way, it is to test your determination and tenacity. If you are determined and tenacious enough you will not be blown about or destroyed by the bigger responsibilities, which accompany your dreams and desires. By becoming what it takes to attract these things you will not be destroyed by them nor, will you hurt others.

Being tested is no different than testing a pipe and its connections to determine if it will handle the pressure of the job it was designed and constructed to handle. If the test should prove the pipe and connections will not hold the pressures then they can be properly repaired or replaced prior to putting up the walls, completing the building or starting production. How sad it would be to find the pipe or connections were too weak and that a slow leak had developed a few months or a year later with the resulting destruction of the walls and the flooring. The cost for repair would be more than three times the cost to do it originally. On top of this would be the danger faced by the inhabitants of the building should the pipe not hold.

As you can see from the analogy above, we are no different than anything else in need of being tested. The test simply ensures we can withstand the pressures that will surely be applied under the responsibilities that come along with the desires of our heart.

In the case of the human being, we differ from all other inhabitants of this planet as we have the ability to choose our destiny. By choosing our destiny we are attracting what we want. We are choosing to attract by the magnetic force inside us. No other living creature on this planet has the degree of ability to attract in the manner as a human. We can through thoughts, form and shape our tomorrows as well as what it is we want to become.

A seed attracts by a magnetic force what it needs from the soil, water, and sunshine to become all it can be, but once it has taken root it cannot move by choice as we can. It cannot move should the water table drop. It cannot move should it find itself in the way of a raging wall of water every year or two when the hard, harsh rains come along causing flash floods down the wash it happens to find itself.

On the other hand, human beings can move from one place to another should their cheese (water or food source) be moved. We can move into other careers or even different countries and adapt quickly enough, often doing so several times in one’s life, and still wind up creating our own destiny and thus our own future. We can do this by virtue of what is on the inside of us. When we have the confidence and the necessary healthy self-image, we can do or accomplish anything we want and thus attract anything we desire.

This attraction comes through our deepest thoughts that are backed and energized with emotion. It will be most advantageous for you to know that it is thoughts backed by emotion that are the quickest to be brought into the physical realm. We all have thousands of thoughts per day, but it is only those that are emotion laden that have the capacity to come to pass. Thoughts backed by emotion have been planted in the soil of our subconscious mind however, this is not a guarantee we will wind up receiving a harvest from those thoughts. Some of these thoughts will fall on the top of the soil and thus not be able to form roots. Some of these thoughts will fall on shallow and stony ground and not have enough root structure to bring forth a harvest. Other thoughts may gain root in good soil, but wind up sharing this soil with conflicting thoughts that choke the good thoughts ability to bring forth a harvest-able product. Finally, some thoughts will gain root in good ground and will produce based on your ability to focus for it will be your ability to focus that will bring the seed to full growth and fruition.

With the above being said, let’s reiterate you are a magnet. Like a magnet, you have the ability to attract. The truth is you may be attracting that which you do not want or you may be attracting what you do want. Whether you attract negative or positive will boil down to your most dominate thoughts and that which becomes your most dominate thoughts is going to be up to you.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox