The Miracle

“God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble…” — Psalm 46:1

“When God is involved, anything can happen…” — Charles Swindoll

Herman Ostry’s barn floor was under twenty-nine inches of water after a flood. He needed a miracle – and fast – to salvage his barn and be ready for winter. He needed to move his entire 17000 pound barn to a new foundation more than 143 feet away. His son Mike, devised a lattice work of steel tubing. He nailed, bolted and welded the lattice on the inside and outside of the barn with hundreds of handles attached.

After one practice lift, 344 volunteers slowly walked the barn up a slight incline, each supporting less than fifty pounds. In just three minutes the bard was on its new foundation. Voila, Herman had his miracle.

If you are holding out for a miracle today, don’t be surprised if the one God sends you comes at the hands of your friends, neighbors. The miracle may even come from your family, work colleagues, and vendors like we have at RLC Labs and SP Labs. Regardless of how the miracle comes, it will come and all will be a part of the blessing. We can always count of God to come through, but He very often uses those nearest to us to see us through a difficult time.

Heavenly Father, even though I sometimes feel like I am hoping against hope, I know YOU will come through for me/us. Help me/us to see Your Hand at work in what appeared was sent to destroy us. Help us to have the Faith necessary to see this through and complete this miracle of moving our barn to another foundation that is stronger and will support the larger success for have for us. Amen

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox