The Power of the Human Soul on Fire

“It’s the ravenous hunger; the unquenchable thirst for achievement and the craving of a better life that can help you accomplish absolutely anything you desire. The question is what is it that you are willing to do to fill your heart with a burning desire, and a flaming passion…” — Rick Cox

Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, said the key to success was to have a burning desire for whatever it was you wanted out of life. He further said, “A BURNING DESIRE is what it will take to fulfill your dreams and make them a reality.” A Burning Desire is what you had when you first saw the one you eventually married. A Burning Desire is what you had when you had to have that car. A Burning Desire is what you had when you had to have whatever it was you HAD TO HAVE. As you may have already discovered, when you have had a burning desire to obtain something, accomplish a task or reach a goal, more often than not it has happened.

There is a chapter in Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Sex Transmutation, which states most men are seldom successful prior to the age of forty six. Dr. Hill says the reason for this is men are seldom able to focus as they are not thinking with the brain in their skull, but with the passion of lust. When one learns to take the energy behind the passion of lust and focus it toward a worthy goal then the goal will be accomplished. Think about it, how many men have turned the known world of their day upside down for the woman of their passion? Samson did just this in a story told in the Bible. It is the same thing with learning to direct this energy toward other things rather than simply fulfill one’s sexual desires.

Through passion or a burning desire to help others so they may not have to suffer in the manner you or a loved one has suffered, many in the medical science field have worked hard for years to find a way to stop and or cure devastating diseases such as measles, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, infections, etc. Through a passion to fly the Wright Brothers invented the airplane and now the world is at our fingertips. Through passion Ben Franklin discovered the lightening rod, the glass armonica (a glass musical instrument not to be confused with the metal harmonica); the Franklin stove; bifocal glasses; the urinary catheter; and even expedited printing by the use of his advanced printing presses among other things.

Through passion Thomas Edison endured thousands of failures yet, still had thousands of inventions such as the Electrical Vote Recorder; the Telephone; enhanced the telegraph; the phonograph; the light bulb; first electric motor made for 110 volt and hundreds of other items. Through passion Mozart, Bach and others wrote music, which has touched the hearts of millions for centuries. Through passion Leonardo da Vinci brought to us famous paintings; sculptures; science; geological discoveries; botanical discoveries and medical discoveries by drawing the human body in dissected stages including the bone structure, organs, arteries, etc. Passion is the key. A Burning Desire or Passion is what it takes to accomplish anything of lasting value.

Reverend Kenneth Copeland explained this best some years ago after he had been asked how to become successful. He said, “If I held your head under water until you were flailing for breath then brought you up; then shoved your head back under water before you had time to catch your breath until you flailed again; then brought you back up and did this three or four times until you were about to black out; the foremost thought on your mind would be getting the next life-saving breath of air. Well, when you want to succeed as much as you want that next breath of air, it will become a reality.”

A burning desire can be obtained for anything – anything. For example, many children are strongly urged and some are forced by their parents to learn to play a musical instrument with the child growing to hate the instrument. On the other hand there are those who do not become bitter and angry learning instead to love the instrument making it an extension of their very being through which they are able to share with others the music in their heart. The development of this burning desire and flaming passion can be done with anything, including your job. That which you seemingly hate can become something you love IF YOU LEARN TO TAKE THE NEGATIVE ENERGY AND TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE PASSION. What is it you have a burning desire in your soul to do? Why is it, you are not doing it?

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox