The Power of Thoughts Part 1

“Thoughts are powerful for thoughts become reality. When you truly realize thoughts are things then you understand the power of as well as the power in your thoughts. You will also recognize the need to remove all negative thinking and replace it with positive thoughts…” — Rick Cox

Part 1

Have you ever wondered why you seem to repel those around you especially your loved ones? It could very well be the result of your negative thoughts. When I grew up one of my goals was to have a relationship with my children different from the one my parents had with me. I wanted to relate rather than just be related. As a young boy or even a young man I had no idea what this would require. As I have grown however, I began to see the commitment necessary to make this happen. It requires considerable discipline of one’s thoughts.

All thoughts generate some form of energy and this energy may be negative or positive. This energy exudes from your very being to all of those around you. As a result of the energy you are generating, it is either causing those around to be attracted or repelled. Let’s look at a few examples:

#1: You and your wife are invited over to the home of a couple you know for the evening and just previous to your arrival they have a fairly big argument, which is not settled prior to your arrival. You ring the door bell and the wife greets you both with a smile inviting you into their home giving you both a hug as you enter. You notice she is a little stand-offish, but don’t know why then, as you continue into the home you “feel” the tension and negative energy, which has filled the atmosphere. Although the couple is cordial and courteous by not airing or hanging out their dirty laundry, you know something is amiss and you make it a short evening.

#2: You and your wife are invited to meet a couple you know at a restaurant for dinner. Arriving at the restaurant you are told by the hostess the other couple is already seated as she promptly escorts you to the table. You are greeted by both with warm smiles and hugs as you begin the initial small talk then pairing off into your conversations. You find the person to whom you are talking keeps verbally cutting at their spouse. It seems as if the evening is dragging on, but dinner is finally over. During the meal and after the meal both of your friends have excused themselves: one to the bathroom and the other to call the baby sitter to check on the children. The reality was they were off arguing. While they are gone you and your wife compare notes asking if each feels the negative energy and tension; you share with each other the negative cutting comments being made. Normally you would stay longer, but you call this one early excusing yourself to go home.

In both cases what was being felt was the negative energy generated by the negative thoughts of both couples. Although the couple in the first case did not allow the negative thoughts to be spoken; the energy they generated was negative and easily sensed by anyone around. This made for an uncomfortable situation so you excuse yourself and call it a night. The couple in the second case couldn’t keep their thoughts to themselves. They had to share their negative thoughts of each other with those around them. Those negative thoughts are now heard and felt by all who are around. Again, you feel uncomfortable and you excuse yourself and leave early.

Thoughts are things, negative or positive. In these two cases they were negative. These types of negative thoughts will push away not only your spouse, family, or friends, they can push away anything or anyone. When I was growing up much of the energy being generated in our home was negative. I do not believe it was intentional, but intentional or not, it happened. The result of the negative energy was those of us in the home, though related, were not relating.

Having a bad day at work or being chewed out by your boss; getting yelled at by a client or not completing a project on time; having a computer crash with the result of losing hours-worth of work can constitute a breeding ground for negative thoughts. The question: What is your response to these negative interactions going to be? Are you going to allow the negative thoughts to take root to the point they are able to set up that negative vibration in your heart? Are you going to take out your frustration on relatives and friends, or are you going to respond properly by dealing with it?

The next time you feel someone is avoiding you, go look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why are they avoiding me?” You may find the answer to that question just might be staring right back at you. Therefore, learn to control your thoughts and keep them in check for doing so will not only change your life for the better, it will change the lives of those around you as well.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox