The Power of Thoughts Part 2

“Thoughts are powerful for thoughts become reality. When you truly realize thoughts are things then you understand the power of as well as the power in your thoughts. You will also recognize the need to remove all negative thinking and replace it with positive thoughts…” — Rick Cox

Part 2

In Part 1, we learned how a person’s thoughts can and do affect the way they are viewed by others. We also discussed how thoughts generate a vibrational energy, which emanates from our being and thus becomes the cause for why others are attracted to or repelled by us. More often than not we don’t even know this is occurring and rather than doing our best to find out why this is taking place, we isolate or alienate ourselves from those around. This in turn winds up costing us in many ways whether it is due to a loss in sales, or a loss of a job, a relationship, a marriage or similar.

If in fact our thoughts generate negative and positive energies and these energies exude from our bodies, what else is being affected beyond having a negative or positive effect on our relationships? I believe this effect carries over into every facet of our lives. I also believe it is why there are those that are successful and those that are not. It is why there are those that are happy and those that are not.

Thoughts do in fact become things. Thoughts do in fact become reality. If thoughts generate negative and positive vibrations, this then is why we have negative and positive things happening in and around our lives. It is the reason our competitor gets the job and we don’t. It is why our colleague at work received the promotion and we didn’t. Our thoughts are in fact the very basis for what we have in life. Our thoughts are the reason we are where we are.

Negative thoughts causing negative vibrations as seen in Part 1, made close friends feel uncomfortable and as a result those close friends excused themselves early as they didn’t want to hang around the negative energy. In the same manner the negative energy can and does repel close friends, negative energy can and does repel any good trying to make its way into our lives. The reality of all this is the negative energy is being generated by our own thoughts. This is why our thoughts are so important. It is why our thoughts are the key to what we become. It is why our thoughts are to be focused on what we want, not what we do not want, or what is going on around us at the time.

If thoughts can and do generate negative energy and this negative energy can and does repel the good we seek, then positive thoughts must bring about a positive energy as well as the good we desire. Stated another way, positive energy must not only attract other people to us, but all the other good things we seek as well.

This is why our thinking is so important for our thinking makes the difference in whether we are slave or master. As a slave you will only get what your master allows you to have. In this case your master is your thoughts. Your thoughts are undisciplined and unfocused. Your thoughts are neither precise nor specific leaving you either that which is left over or left behind from the masters who have picked through the best and left you the rest. Your thoughts are not conducive to attracting good and thus you have very little of it. As an undisciplined thinker, you are a slave to things as they are and as they come to you. You are a slave to having only that which is left over or that which you are told you can have rather than having that for which you have dreamed.

On the other hand by becoming a master your thinking, your thoughts would be much different for you would be focused and disciplined. You would be demand that which you want not only out of yourself, but out of the world around you. This type of thinking would cause you to do more, which would cause you to be more, resulting in the fact you would have more. As a master thinker, you will be the one deciding what it is you want. You will not be leaving this in the hands of anyone else. It will be your responsibility and yours alone.

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote in his essay Compensation, which said, “Man will get what he demands of himself and of life to give him.” In other words, man will get in return to the degree he has contributed or will receive to the degree he has given. This is the same as the Law of Sowing and Reaping or stated another way, You Reap what You Sow.

When you sow thoughts of doubt, poverty, lack, ill health, negativity and the like, you are going to reap the same. When this is realized, you will come to understand where the problem originates for it all originates with you and in you. It originates in the predominate thoughts occupying your mind and your heart.

It is true, thoughts are powerful for your predominant thoughts do become reality. It all starts with what you think and how you think. Once again, like everything else you want in this world, if you want something, it all starts with you. What are you going to do to go get it or to make it a reality? Are you willing to change that which you allow to predominantly occupy your thoughts? If you are willing to let go of the negative; if you are willing to let go of the guilt of past mistakes; if you are willing to discipline yourself by learning to focus on what you want as well as what is good, you will soon have it.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox