The Power of Vision Part 1

“And such is true for one’s way of life can perish, especially when drive and passion is lost to mediocrity and complacency for when we have nothing to pull, push, or hold us in a better way of living we eventually become slaves, rather than masters…” — Rick Cox

It has happened in every society of recorded history; those who have worked to overcome hardship and lack wind up setting the stage for their children to have a better life with less the hardships. Those children are given a better education as well as a better opportunity to do and become more. The next generation enjoys it even better until finally, they beget children that eventually have no need for vision or desire; for all they have ever wanted, has or will be supplied or given to them.

As a result these children lose their sense of imagination and vision. They also lose their need for desire, as well as their drive to press onward and upward to become all they can be. Losing their imagination, vision and desire isn’t all they lose for they eventually lose their sense of self-worth. This is simply due to the fact they have never had to work for anything; never had to strive to achieve or attain and thus begin to feel they are entitled. They wind up with the mindset or belief that no one should have to work hard, strive, stress or fret. They even get to the point of believing no one should have to fail, but all should equally have and equally share. Such is the direction we are headed in America as well as many other countries throughout the world. As a result of this type of thinking, it only leads the world back to slavery. The fact is, on this planet, there is no reward without effort.

Sadly, as mentioned above, there will come a generation that winds up in slavery, having lost most or all of their freedoms, only to start the process all over again. Then after a few generations of slavery someone comes along to inspire, filling their hearts with passion and hope. As their passion and hope grows so grows their confidence. With confidence they begin to get a vision about how they too can be free to have and be what they want. They think of living in that place of freedom where they can enjoy the fruits of their own labors, receiving their just rewards.

Such are the thoughts and desires of many living in countries outside of America who strive to become the best possible at what they do so with the hope of coming to America to live out their lives as well as fulfill their dreams. What is it about America that is different from where they live? Why, did they not want to stay in their own country? What does America have that no other country has? The answer is simple: America is where one can achieve their goals and even their dreams. It is where one can be rewarded if the extra effort is put forth; it is where you have the ability to receive the fruit of your own labors.

Ah, but life can and does require a certain amount of struggle. As a matter of fact you will find the higher you strive to climb in the ladder of success the larger the struggle. All growth requires effort, but more often than not this growth will only come when you have been stretched, pressed, pushed, pulled, and tested. In other words, you will be put through the purification fires of life, but it is your vision that will give you the strength and drive to continue until you reach the prize. You will not however, reach the prize until you learn to develop the skill of turning struggle into productivity for this will make the difference in whether you will lose or win.

For example if you had two people of equal talent with both hoping to achieve the blue ribbon it will be the one who has developed the skill to focus and direct all of his/her energy toward a specific productivity that wins first place. The other still had some energy directed toward struggle and although doing well, only comes in second. Both however, were in the race and though both will not enjoy first place, both will enjoy having raced and finished; both will enjoy the benefit of a better self-image as well as a better sense of self-worth.

The sad part is, there were many on the sidelines who wanted to participate, but do not. Their reason for not participating is simply because they are too lazy. They wanted to run and they wanted the accolades, but didn’t want to take the time or make the effort to develop the skill of turning struggle into productivity. They would however, like to have the same benefits of those that won. Although they didn’t want to work at it or apply themselves, they still want to get the same rewards. One small problem exists with this however; life doesn’t work that way; not even in socialized countries and definitely not in communist countries. If it did then there wouldn’t be millions wanting to come here. They would choose to stay in their home country. Interestingly enough, in most cases their home country does require everyone to work for no one gets something for nothing. For those who perform over and above the difference is they get little to no reward for their efforts. No one is rewarded much above another unless it reflects well on the country. In most cases all are the same, doctor or carpenter. The state (country in which they live) chooses where and what, and does so for the benefit, as said above, of the state. You are not allowed to choose nor do you benefit. Hence the reason people from all over the world want to come to America for they realize here they are free to choose what they want to do with the money they earn.

Freedom has it downfalls, or these are seen as downfalls by many, for with freedom comes responsibilities. You have the freedom to work or play. You have the freedom to spend or save. You have the freedom to remain mediocre or study and develop skills. You have the freedom to remain silent or speak your mind. You have the freedom to choose there is no God or to choose your own religion. You have the freedom to dislike or to love. You have the freedom to listen to your own style of music. You have the freedom to choose your hair style, purchase the clothes you want or live where you want. Most importantly, you have the freedom to take what tomorrow brings by default or choose to shape and frame your own future. It is up to you, but it all starts with the vision you have of what you want. The question to ask yourself is, do you even have a vision and if so, will it get you what you desire. If not, make sure you work on your vision and get one in front of you to draw and push you to that which you want.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox