The Results of Fear Part 3

“The heart seeks to bring to pass your predominant thoughts, which is why you wind up having what you think about most…” — Rick Cox

Part 3

There are only a few that will force life to pay then what they want. That is because there are only a few that will face their fears and work to overcome them. Fear, as has been stated in the previous two articles, has the potential to paralyze the majority to the point of keeping them from becoming all they were meant to be. Fear is commonly based on the unknown. It is the unknown in the six basic fears, which keeps us from attempting anything. It is as if by doing nothing then nothing will come of our fear yet, this is definitely not the case. Your fear will come on you and it will overtake you. This is why you must face and conquer your fears.

We shall now analyze the six basic fears. The Fear of Poverty can and often is debilitating. As a matter of fact, this fear winds up causing people to think about being impoverished rather than thinking about being affluent. When ones dominant thoughts are of being impoverished, even if they were to stumble into money or affluence it would quickly be lost because they are not psychologically stable enough to handle affluence and more often than not, they do not believe they are entitled to or deserve it.

If the Fear of Poverty is what dominates your thoughts then you are going to find regardless of the amount of money made, you will never have the ability to save or gain anything above poverty level for your heart is set on ensuring you live in poverty. You heart will do all that is necessary to sabotage your decisions and actions so that you lose or spend it on frivolous things, which will not bring a return, thus causing you to wind up broke, in just the manner you feared. Just like Solomon and Job said, the thing you so greatly fear will come on you. This is why you must not be afraid of being broke.

Solomon used the term fear in connection with someone’s fear coming on them six times. The only way you are not going to wind up living in poverty is to come to the belief you can be successful and affluent and there is nothing wrong with it. You must rid yourself of the fear of poverty focus and get on the wagon of knowing for a fact that you are not only capable of being a success, you are capable of handling and using it, to its best intended use. The base reason people buy into the negative is because it is preached and taught so often that money is evil when money is not evil. Money is a tool just like a screwdriver. A screwdriver could be evil as well if it was used to stab another person to injure or kill them. Money and a screwdriver are inanimate objects and as such only get what power they may be given by human beings.

I believe all of the six basic fears are capable of keeping one from true success and happiness in their lives. The Fear of Criticism is definitely one of those. This is often one of the most crippling as well as difficult to overcome especially if you were raised in a situation where you were never praised and always belittled or put down for criticism is the one thing with the ability to get you off the road of success.

There are those who seem to be immune to criticism as they have a healthy enough self-image to take the criticism for what it is, which more often than not are harsh and unfavorable words said with the intention of hurting rather than uplifting and helping the one to which the criticism was spoken. Seeing as how they know this they do not take the criticism to heart. They do not allow it to bind or tie them up to the point of keeping them from continuing to learn and grow. On the other hand, too many people are not as fortunate as to have such a healthy self-image and thus to them the criticism causes them to become derailed and in most cases never get back on the road to success.

The way to overcome and get past the negative effects of criticism is to remain teachable in the same manner as a child. Children are born not knowing how to crawl, walk, run, ride a bike, swim, or talk, but they can and do have the ability to learn very easily. This changes however; as they grow due to the criticism they hear from their parents, teachers, friends, and those around them who are jealous. As we grow and become aware of self, the ego gets involved. When the ego gets involved we begin fear the criticisms for it attacks us at our core. In many cases children take these criticisms to heart and wind up not becoming or doing that for which they have a natural propensity. The result is they wind up living a miserable life never having fulfilled their ultimate destiny.

Most of us get all the criticism we need from ourselves let alone hearing it from others. If however, we will spend enough time in our own closet in meditation and prayer, we will find what we need to get over the false criticisms thrown at us by others. We will find in our heart the strength to move forward as well as the strength to become the person we see in our dreams.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox