The Results of Self Discipline Part 10

“Our life will always be a constant battle by the life of ease and its momentary rewards or the life of discipline and its more significant rewards…”— Jim Rohn

If you want to change the world, do not ever, ever ring the bell.

Most of us think of ringing the bell as the sound of something good such as the ringing of the Dinner Bell. Church Bells are often on the hour to signify Christ has risen and all is well. There are Holiday Bells providing us hope that all of our hardships might soon come to an end. The Pleasant Bells played for the married couple. The bell at the top of the attraction at fairs where you swing a large heavy mallet to hit a target and drive a cylinder up a rod to ring the bell (the High Striker Bell) is also one of the happy event bells. This means someone was strong enough to ring that bell and win.

There are also other types of bells. The Alarm Bell signifying something dangerous is happening or about to happen. Alarm Bells ring in a hotel or business when the fire alarm goes off. The bell used in the Navy Seal Training Academy was to signify you were going to give up and drop out of the seal training.

There are bells that we want to ring and these will signify we won. There are other bells we don’t want to ring as they will signify we want to give in – give up and quit. Such was the bell placed in the middle of the compound. It was placed there for everyone to see and watch a fellow trainee ring it, signifying they were no longer going to try. You were going to give up trying to become a seal.

In life, all of us in essence, are training to become something of significance. We are training to be better tomorrow than we are today. We are training to help provide a better world for those around us. It is important to continue your training and not give up. It is crucial to continue even though the road is muddy, full of pot holes, and running washes. The key is to continue when you find yourself in the darkest of places.

Remember, life is full of difficulties and there are many out there much worse off than you. If you resort to feeling sorry for yourself, full of self-pity, blaming others or the world at large for your present state, you will find life to be quite harsh. If you, like Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his essay on compensation, determine to make life pay what it is you want and commit to sticking with it until you get it, life will be rewarding and fulfilling.

The key is to Make Your Bed first thing in the morning. The key is to find a true partner as you are better off with two of you than by yourself. The key is to Look at the Heart and not on their size or stature. Judge by the heart. The key is to recognize Life is Not Fair but you must keep moving forward. The key is to recognize Failure Can Make You Stronger when responded to correctly.

The key is You Must Dare, Greatly. The key is You Must Stand up to the Bullies. The key is to Rise to the Occasion. The key is to Give People Hope. The key is to Never, Ever Quit.

The key is not to give up when the going gets tough. Like the song by Billy Ocean, “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.”

“I’m gonna put this dream in motion
I’ll never let nothing stand in my way
When the going gets tough the tough get going
When the going gets rough, the tough get ready

I’m gonna get myself cross the river
That’s the price I’m willing to pay
I’m gonna make you stand and deliver
And give me love…

Darlin I’ll climb any mountain
Darlin I’ll do anything
When the going gets tough, the tough get going
When the going gets rough, the tough get rough”

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox