The Results of Self Discipline Part 8

“Our life will always be a constant battle by the life of ease and its momentary rewards or the life of discipline and its more significant rewards…”— Jim Rohn

If you want to change the world, you must be your best in the darkest moment.

All of us face dark times in our lives. All of us. You may be there now and it may be as real as ever. The darkness may grip you with immense fear due to your inability to see your hand in front of your face or discern down from up. Your fear may be so strong you shake and are nauseated with uncontrolled emotions.

On the other hand, perhaps you can think back on periods where you have been in such darkness, as it may have been a while. Think back to when things seemed beyond hopeless. Where the only thing you were certain of was losing everything, even your own life or the life of a loved one. What did the fear do to you? Did it paralyze you or did it motivate you to reach in and bring out the inner-strength, that lies within all of us?

I have had many of these dark moments in my life. They have happened for many reasons. Some were caused by my own poor decisions and others happened due to me being at the RIGHT place at the wrong time. I say right place because I believe everything happens for a reason and when we respond correctly in these tough times we wind up growing spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. It doesn’t mean my decision couldn’t have been the right one thus allowing me to avoid the resulting consequence but I would have had that dark moment experience in another situation, which would have allowed for my growth or loss, based on my reaction or my response.

Remember, when a doctor gives you a shot, they wait for your body to react or respond. If your body reacts then they must do something to counteract that reaction. If it responds then all is well. It is best to respond to that which happens to you in life. Response isn’t a knee jerk reaction. It isn’t motivated by fears, anger, or compulsion. It is a logically temperate response that should bring about the right results.

When we find ourselves in these dark and fearful situations, it is imperative we look to our inner strength and be our best. It is imperative we trust that all will work to our good and believe it. When we do, we will be our best in these dark moments and become a world changer – if not for everyone around us, at least for our self.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox