The Results of Self Discipline Part 9

“Our life will always be a constant battle by the life of ease and its momentary rewards or the life of discipline and its more significant rewards…”— Jim Rohn

If you want to change the world, start singing when you are up to your neck in mud.

Just as fear can grip you when you find yourself in a dark place, the same can happen when you are in a situation such as being caught in mud up to your neck. In the vast majority of cases this can cause panic. Panic is what usually causes loss of life. The panic causes you to continue to move in an effort to escape and as you do you fall or slip deeper and deeper like you would in quick sand. Your body becomes weak as your fear keeps you moving and fighting only to find yourself being worse off for the effort.

It is at times like these you must relax. You must allow your body to become calm. To allow your emotionally controlled and fearful nerves to subside knowing there is HOPE and with this HOPE you will gain the necessary faith (belief) to get through this test.

One of the best ways to start the emotion of HOPE to rise in you is to sing a song. This can be any song that inspires you and causes your emotions to grow and provide strength. This is what David (Kind David) did in the Old Testament. He was responsible for writing the majority of the Psalms. What you see when you read the Psalms may be different from what it was meant to portray. One of my family members said to me he thought reading Psalms was basically reading someone’s whines and complaints. That is not what it is meant to do.

It is meant to show you someone (like yourself) with daily issues and struggles, some of which are life threatening, and how, through the singing of a song or the focus on praising God, can get you OUT OF a seemingly impossible situation. That is just what it does. It was not meant to focus on the issues he had, it was meant to show you what he did to get out of the miserable conditions he was in emotionally and physically. His words were written out of a journal he kept. They were not voiced out to others like we do. His journals were where he did his crying and whining. But the journals also show you how he got out of the depth of depression he faced on many occasions.

So, David wrote Psalms, many of which were of praise and thanks to God for His deliverance, for having his health restored or for restoring his kingdom. The key was to get his focus off of his current situation and get it focused on something bigger and outside of himself. This would provide HOPE and this HOPE would provide him the spark to keep going while believing ALL WOULD WORK TO HIS GOOD.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, get your focus on something other than your current situation by singing a song that will inspire and encourage you to move ahead.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox