Thinkin’ Problem

“People think about what they do not want, yet attract more of the same…” Rick Cox

We all know people that constantly complain about their health, work, bills, kids, relatives, spouse, friends, etc. They do this in the belief that whining and complaining will fix the problem. It appears they are of the “thought process” if they whine about it enough it will go away. Truth is, the complaining only adds to their problems causing them to travel further from their goals for which they whine. The result is a life full of misery and mediocrity. These people have not learned there is a better way; one that will lead them to what they want rather than cause them to veer off track winding up ship wrecked, never having arrived at their intended destination or goal. The right way is to think, speak and act as if you are living the ideal life, for in doing so, you will eventually find yourself where you want to be; that is if you hold to the course and keep the faith.

To paint the picture as clear as it can be painted, a complainer is focused on one thing, but hoping to get something else. As stated above the apparent belief is that complaining will cause things to work out for their benefit. It might be this is how they were able to get what they wanted as children meaning, they whined and complained so Mommy or Daddy gave them what they wanted to shut them up. Unfortunately, they have grown up thinking the world works this way when in reality this is not the case. Even though this does happen at times it is not the natural order of things. The way to get what you want is to think about what you want not what you don’t want; speak about what you want not what you don’t want and, act like you have it not whine about not having it with the hopes of getting it.

It is most imperative to learn not only the importance of your thinking, but of your confession. What you think will affect what you confess. What you confess will eventually affect what you think for if you confess it enough you will begin to believe it. If you confess it enough it will come to pass. It is hard to get good to happen to you when most of what you think or confess is of a negative connotation. It is equally as hard to get bad to happen when all you think or confess is receiving the good for which you believe. One equally affects the other.

There is a country song by a singer named David Ball called, Thinkin’ Problem, with the lyrics as follows:

Yes, I admit I have a Thinkin’ Problem She always on my mind

Her memory goes round and round I’ve tried to quit a thousand times Yes I admit I’ve got a Thinkin’ Problem Fill the glass up to the top I’ll start with loving her But I don’t know when to stop

I wake up and right away Her name is on my lips Once the memories start to flow I can’t stop with just one sip

I keep on remembering How good it used to be Gettin’ stoned all alone With my favorite memory

Yes I admit I’ve got a Thinkin Problem…

For those of you who know about country music, the majority of it is about heartache, heartbreak, drinking, sorrow, sorrow and more sorrow. When your thoughts are allowed to control you to this degree you will be dominated by them. Your emotions will run your thoughts and you will wind up in the loser column. This is why you must learn to control your thoughts and your confession. When your thoughts are dominated by the hatred you have for a person that wronged you then you are not thinking about bettering yourself. You are not thinking about becoming more so you can provide superior service to those around you and by helping them you help yourself to reach and achieve your own goals. When all you can think about is how others get the breaks while you don’t then you will miss the opportunity when it comes knocking. You will think the knock is someone looking to harm, instead of help, you.

The fact is it is the natural inclination to think in the above manner. The natural inclination is to allow our thoughts to run amok. After they have run amok we attach undisciplined emotion to them empowering them to come to pass and in most cases ruining our lives. If a parent has wronged you then I suggest you forgive then let it go and get on with your life. If your husband/wife has wronged you then I suggest you forgive, let it go and get on with your life. If someone at work has wronged you then I suggest you forgive let it go then get on with your life.

More importantly if your life has not turned out as you thought it should and you are blaming God, then I suggest you forgive then let go so, you can get on with your life. Everything that has happened to you can make you stronger depending on how you respond; but, it can also allow destruction depending on what you do, with your thoughts. You can go through life blaming everyone, but yourself however; more than likely your thoughts and confessions are to blame for where you are today.

If you have a Thinkin’ Problem; one that is allowing more of what you do not want to enter your life then do something about it. If you are unable to focus or find peace in your heart then write down what you want and begin to confess it as part of your life. Read it out loud first thing in the morning; at noon; again at dinner time then, before you go to bed. Go to sleep with the thoughts of what you want to become as well as where you want to be. See yourself filling the shoes of the person you want to become. Don’t allow yourself to be robbed by having a Thinkin’ Problem. Instead learn to:

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny…”

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox