Time Needs to be Your Friend

“Peter Drucker, the man known as the father of American Management, has some advice for all of us. His is advice is: TIME IS THE SCARCEST RESOURCE AND UNLESS IT IS MANAGED, NOTHING ELSE CAN BE MANAGED!”

In order to manage your time, you must first learn to manage your habits. Our brains are programmed like giant computers to enable us to do routine things without thinking about them. If we do not consciously program our brains with routine activities, they will program themselves with something easy and in most cases unproductive. So, how do we do this?

· Clarify YOUR objectives.
Think about the steps YOU need to take to reach a goal and estimate how much time it will take to do that.

· Analyze YOUR time habits.
Keep a time log to see how long activities take. This will help you find out what is robbing your time.

· Keep a TO-DO-LIST.
Do this for Daily and Weekly tasks. It will free your mind from nagging worries. Make sure YOU define what is important and do those first. Also do that which is hardest first.

· Get YOURSELF organized.
Do not shuffle papers. Act on them immediately (remember the TRAF method). Prioritize tasks and keep it simple.

· Cultivate a time management habit.
Delegate responsibilities.

· Control telephone usage.
Keep MEETING times to a minimum. Use brevity.

· Take time for YOUR goals.
This needs to include doing that which is FUN.


Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox