Daily Insight | Time Part 1

“Time, there is nothing else you have as valuable for the wise use of your time will prove to make you a person of wisdom & understanding, which will bring positive results in every aspect of your life…” — Rick Cox.

I am always amazed at how people spend their time; and most do ‘spend it’ rather than invest it. When you spend your time it will usually bring forth a result different than if it had been invested. Most spend their time doing nothing of value therefore; nothing of value is the result. When time is spent and not planted by investing it, then it has been spent without any forethought of the outcome or result. This is not the most valuable use of your time.

When I first started in the mechanical engineering industry almost four decades ago, a large portion of our projects were out of town. Since those of seniority opted out of any required traveling the responsibility of completing these projects fell on me for I was the newbie in the company. Most people live differently when they are out of town than they do when they are in town. In town there is usually a wife and children. Out of town there is usually a bar; lounge or cabaret where one can spend their time and money frivolously.

Having already traveled with most of the older technicians early on in my apprenticeship, I had become familiar with how they spent their time when not on the job and it was much different than the way I chose to spend mine. It was also much different than had they been at home. I knew then and the years of time passed have since proven that their use of time brought them to where they are today and my use of time brought me to where I am today. Time will prove out and point out how one uses their time.

Due to the goals I had set for myself, it was imperative I invest my time into the acquisition of wisdom & understanding while their time was spent buying alcohol and pleasure. It was true we all wanted to be successful, but some were not willing to use their time wisely therefore, the resulting harvest at the end of the same period of time differed. While they were hanging out at bars, lounges or cabarets, I was either working longer by working after hours for free in order to learn quicker, or hanging out at the hotel room studying and getting the necessary rest. My time was invested in gaining a better education, better knowledge level, better understanding and better health due to sleep and rest versus being up all night drinking and carousing.

Sure I was harassed by the guys and pressured to join them, but it was never a lust or a desire of mine as I felt what they were doing was not the best use of time. I knew if I wanted to achieve my goals the only way for me to do so would be to use every available minute to my advantage. It was not evident at first, but five years down the road I was every bit as knowledgeable as anyone in our company. This certainly wasn’t because I was a smarter than the average person; as a matter of fact I hired a tutor to help me understand and gain insights on some aspects, which proved to be a wise move. I had learned to be enticed by the end result I was seeking and not the immediate gratification I could have.

Twenty years down the road I was in business for myself and though a couple of the other older technicians by then also had their own companies, my company grew faster and became much larger as well as much more successful. I had used my time to study the mining process of our industry then applied it to my business. The results spoke for themselves.

WHAT IS THE MOST VALUABLE USE OF YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW? Hopefully, this little insight and inspiration will have spurred you to develop the habit of asking yourself this question all day, every day. In doing so you will soon see a positive result for the time you are given each and every day. Your time is yours to spend or invest…what are you going to do with it?

“You cannot increase the quality or quantity of your achievement or performance except to the degree in which you increase your ability to use your time effectively…” — Brian Tracy

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox