Too Afraid To Jump

“Many pilots have died because they stayed with their disabled aircraft too long, never ejecting away from danger so they can parachute to safety. They preferred the familiarity of the cockpit even though it had become a death trap.

In like manner many people have seen their careers crash because they preferred familiar, but deadly old ways to the risky albeit rewarding, new ways. These people never learned that standing still is really standing down (or doing nothing). Look around you. We are living in an age where the dominant characteristic is change. When you see your present situation leveling off and beginning a downward trend, it is time to pull the cord and parachute to safety.

Abandon the old career cockpit and eject into a new environment offering challenge and excitement…” — Nido R Qubein

I have said this many times previously, but none the less, it needs to be repeated: we are held back by that which we fear, but are propelled forward when we face fear for what it is and overcome it.

There are two reasons for a pilot not ejecting. The first is they are sure they can rectify the situation before it is too late and the second is they are afraid of ejecting due to their concern for safety when it may be their only hope. In the first case they have not come to a place of training themselves correctly and utilizing that skill to help them get to safety. In the second case their fear keeps them bound to that which will ultimately be their demise.

This is the way it is when we find ourselves in a similar situation in a relationship or a job. We are convinced we can make a difference and as such we stay the course. In most cases this means we are doing nothing outside of hoping for change because we do not have the power to change our spouse or friends. We can influence, but not change. They are the only ones that can change themselves.

When we find ourselves in dead end relationship or job, then we need to learn to recognize the facts and eject ourselves to the safety of new relationships where people appreciate us as well to a new job where our talents will be recognized and used thus providing us the ability to climb the ladder.

More often than not we do not leave relationships and jobs. We don’t leave relationships because we are afraid no one else will like and accept us. This is usually due to the fact we don’t accept or like ourselves. The same for the job. If we were convinced we had what it took to get another job we would not allow anyone to belittle and demean us. We would know we could go anywhere and get the job we wanted. When we accept and like ourselves we are confident enough to eject these dead end relationships and jobs and make that happen. We would not be afraid to leave the familiar even though that familiar relationship or job did not allow us to grow into what we were destined to become.

I adjure you to think about where you are in life. Do not allow the fears you have to keep you from becoming all you can be. Face those fears and you will find yourself enjoying a better quality of life.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox