Transformation Part 1

“The word transform comes from the Greek word metanoia from which we get the word metamorphose like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly…” — Rick Cox

All of us are born with innate gifts and talents, but most of these gifts and talents are never brought forth and used to the benefit of ourselves and those around us. This is simply due to the fact we have not been transformed by the renewing of our minds and hearts into something usable and applicable from what we have within us.

We are in essence the products of those that have influenced us, such as our parents, or others that have interacted with us and to which we form a bond and or for which we look up to or have an affinity. In most cases those that raised us were doing their best and though their intentions were good, the results of their words wound up causing us to feel or believe we were inferior and didn’t have what it would take to be a success. With this type of mindset, we are unable to take advantage of that which has been placed in us in order to bless those around us as well as ourselves.

What Paul is telling us here is we have the ability to renew our thinking and thus find the way into a better life than that which we are now living. He tells us not to be the product of thinking the way others think. He tells us to think what God thinks of us. That we are blessed, prosperous, healthy, superior; that we are not beneath but above, the we are not the tail but the head, that we are not the borrower but the lender; that we should prosper and be in health even as our soul or thinking prospers.

The world tells us it is coming to an end. The world tells us all is doomed. The world tells us there is no hope. The world tells us we don’t have what it takes. The world tells us why try? The world tells us no one cares. The world tells us this time is different than in the past and this time it is over.

The truth is, there has always been wars and rumors of wars since the beginning of history. There has always been disasters, heartache, turmoil, destruction and death in every single generation. If it wasn’t a war it was a pandemic. If it wasn’t a pandemic it was a natural disaster that wiped out tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people. The key is to be able to navigate through these perilous times and make life pay you what you want in spite of what is going on around you. You can do this, IF you will decide to transform your mind from one of poverty and lack to one of being above and having abundance.

Do what Jim Rohn said to do, “Decide to design a life instead of simply making a living.” If you will do this you are on your way to transforming your mind from being beneath to being above; from being a borrower to being a lender; from not being the tail, but being the head. This can take many months and years to do. I have been doing it my entire life, since the age of 24, I am currently 69. Even after all this time, once in a while I still deal with those voices telling me I am not worthy of being successful.

Though this happens, I have a discipline formed over these many years that will kick in. When this happens, I get on my transformational mind horse and start riding back into the right mindset. Once you learn what it takes to win, you will recognize that the renewing of the mind is something that happens daily. When you get this habit fixed in you, you will not remain in that cocoon. You will get out of it and get on to living a life of freedom. You will not be or remain bound by the thoughts and ideas of others for in doing so this will keep you in a cocoon, which will keep you from being your best.

Remember, Martin Luther said, “You cannot keep birds from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.” This is what we must do with idle thoughts and thoughts of defeat and doubt and unbelief. Thoughts of depression, and guilt and self-pity. We don’t let them build their nest. We replace them with positive and uplifting thoughts.

Paul knew this and had to deal with it all the time. It was the thorn in his flesh. In other words, it was that part of him, the body, that cried out and told him the opposite of what he knew that God purposed for his life. It was the pessimistic side that said it wouldn’t work out. It was the unbelief that would keep him from reaching his destiny. It was that which he dealt with on a constant basis just like you and I do. We can however, win just as Paul won, when we recognize that weakness is made strong in God’s superior ability and power to work through us.

Paul learned that we all start out as a caterpillar, but that we need to go through a transformation, a metamorphosis if you will, to become a butterfly. This is what the transformation is all about and that is what this Daily Inspiration is all about. It is about your transformation from the caterpillar you are today into a butterfly that is not only beautiful, but no longer has to crawl because it can fly from one place to another in style and beauty.

In order for this transformation to happen you must first go through the cocoon process. This process, though not fun, is none the less necessary. The cocoon process is dark and scary and we are not sure what is going to happen, but our faith and optimistic attitude will get us through this process as well as allow us to come out on the other side as that beautiful creature God designed us to be.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox