Transformation Part 4

“The word transform comes from the Greek word metanoia from which we get the word metamorphose like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly…” — Rick Cox

We previously learned what WE DECIDE TO BE is the what we will become. In order to become our best, we must decide to do so. We must make a quality decision that nothing will stop us from obtaining our desires and dreams. Often our thoughts of ourselves, by human nature, are not always the best and thus we most often do not see ourselves successful or obtaining our desires and dreams.

We wind up thinking like a crawling caterpillar that is unable to get away from its predators and thus are overcome by every obstacle and confrontation. Human nature is primarily pessimistic and negative. We tend to think negative and then speak negative. This is why Paul said to renew your mind or transform it if you will to an optimistic mind that believes all will be well.

When we think and speak negative we wind up talking like you see below. This is accepted as normal and can be seen in the speech and conversation of the vast majority around the world every single day. A great example of the negative statements almost every human that has ever lived has stated are as follows:

• I am starving to death.

• I am scared to death.

• I am dead tired.

• I am not capable or I can’t do it…

• I am not smart enough or educated enough or didn’t come from the right family or…

• I am not pretty enough or I am not as handsome as that guy or pretty as that girl or I am not as tall or not as well-built or don’t have as much hair or I am too short or I am too tall or I am too fat or I am too skinny…

• I am not as good as they are at doing this or playing that or being this or…

• I am sure it won’t work…

• I am sure things won’t go the way I want them too…

• I knew nothing would work for me…

Thinking about what you have previously read, remembering as we grow older and fail to reach our goals or, get what we believed we would or should get, this sets the mind up to become pessimistic. On top of this, while growing up and as adults, we are told by those we love and respect we are unworthy and incapable.

The result is, we usually wind up becoming and playing the part of the victim, rather than taking on the responsibility for our own life and future. We blame everything and everyone else, rather than victors. It is a choice. We must choose to transform to an optimist in order to win at life.

It is our poor thinking keeping us from the transformation into a creature that can fly rather than crawl. It keeps us from becoming a creature that can outmaneuver its enemies rather than be overcome by them. The predators of the caterpillar are varied and many. The caterpillar can’t outmaneuver them. It can’t outrun them. It can seldom hide from them and thus it winds up becoming a victim as it is eaten by its many predators.

Those that think like a caterpillar will not become all they can be. They will become victims. The result of pessimistic/negative thinking. This is why your thinking HAS TO CHANGE. It is your thinking that will help you transform into that for which you were designed. That will only come through the renewing of the mind. A reprogramming if you will. As you begin to renew your mind, you will be able to think from an attitude of optimism. You will see yourself winning regardless of what you face and how horrible that which you are facing may appear.

The butterfly on the other hand can outmaneuver its predators. If you have ever watched a butterfly fly, you will notice their flight pattern is erratic. It is never in a straight line. It actually seems haphazard or one might think they are hindered and can’t fly properly. But this is not true. Their erratic flight is a defense mechanism to protect it from the birds, snakes, and lizards that are doing their best to catch and eat it. If your thinking is transformed from that of a caterpillar to that of a butterfly, you will then be able to outmaneuver those trying to hold you down and defeat you. You will be thinking like a winner, able to get from one place to another quicker.

You will transform to become ALL you were meant to be when you continue to confess for you and about you all that God has confessed of you and about you. If you once again read the header for each of these Daily Insights, the heading reads, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

This is, of all things most important, a requirement if we are to become all we were meant to be. When we are born, though there may be some hereditary traits that are ingrained in us, we are a clean slate. There is nothing of significance on in the memory banks from which we can draw. We are like a computer that has not been programmed nor does it have any software. Like a brand new unprogrammed computer, as new born babies, we are ready for software and programming.

As this new born grows, it can be viewed as an unprogrammed computer waiting for the programming software to help it navigate through life. The child will however, become a product of that which is put into its memory banks through what is spoken to and over and about him/her. During this growth process, this child will wind up either becoming pessimistic or optimistic.

It will work its way into a cocoon of sorts as the child begins to bind itself by its own thinking, speech, and personal confessions of and about our his/her own life. This will eventually help to form one’s own personal outlook (either an unhealthy self-image or a healthy selfimage) as well as its own philosophy (which is the set of one’s sails in life). In other words, are you going to let the winds and storms of life defeat you or are you going to use the energy in them to push you to greater and higher heights of achievement.

The truth is, all of us go into some sort of a cocoon during these early formative years of our lives, but it is our thinking that will determine whether we come out of that cocoon with a defeated attitude or ready to make the world pay us what it is we desire. We are in control of our own future. What we think about and focus on will determine how our tomorrows turn out. Our thinking has to be in line with, “All things will work to our good.” That will help us have the correct philosophy in life. The right philosophy will help us use that which was sent to defeat and destroy us into the energy needed to help us win and succeed in life.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox