Victim or Victor Part 2

“How you respond to that which happens to you will let those around you know if you are a victim or victor…” — Rick Cox

Part 2

HOW YOU RESPOND TO THAT WHICH HAPPENS TO YOU… The question does in fact remain, “How are you responding – what is and has been the outcome of your responses?” Are you happy so far with the outcome? In Part 1, it was said YOU can become a victor, but in order to do so you must change your thinking – your thoughts and beliefs. Or, said another way, there will be no change on the outside without first of all changing on and from the inside.

In order to change from the inside this may require a restart of, as well as an implementation of, your imagination. As an aside, it is relevant to note that a child doesn’t need to learn how to use the imagination as it just comes natural. To a child all things are possible because the child has not as yet learned the limitations of the human brain run by the senses. As the child grows these limitations become evident due to such things as believing only in what you can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Add to this the human nature of guilt and one begins to build their own failure tapes, which will play over and over bringing failure each and every time you are about to succeed. This vicious failure cycle will happen forever until you stop it through disciplined thought, focus and faith (belief).

The reason for this vicious cycle is and always will be based on your response to that which happens to and around you, for your emotional response is what makes and or leaves an indelible imprint on the subconscious mind. When the subconscious mind has been imprinted in such a manner then there will be a physical result. In other words what is predominant in your subconscious mind will become reality, bad or good. Said another way, what your subconscious mind believes, is what will come to pass. Our response is always going to be based on how we think; on what we think and on what we believe. What this means is, our thoughts are usually going to be negatively directed due to our brain being programmed by our senses.

This happens because we are no longer utilizing the awesome power of the imagination. We have unfortunately stopped responding to what is happening around us with imagination. Said another way, we have stopped believing all things are possible. We have become limited in our thinking and beliefs therefore; we have limited our ability to produce results. One of the most unfortunate results is losing the ability to use our imagination; instead believing most things are not possible. We eventually come to believe to be true that many things are not possible to the mind and thus we become discouraged to the point we quit trying.

Contrarily, to become more, to do more, to achieve more, to believe there is more, and to do that which seems impossible, we must exercise our ability to imagine. Unfortunately for most, as we grow to adulthood, we seem to lose this ability to imagine. It is as if we need to learn how to use our imagination all over again while, as a child, using the imagination was first nature. The imagination of a child believes all is possible; there is always a way to become and do the impossible.

To explain this, allow me to tell you of a couple of friends I have known for many, many years. Previous to meeting the first of these friends I had heard of his many exploits; how while in business with his older brother and or on his own he had become “THE ONE” everyone went to in his industry when they needed to solve or resolve a problem. He was known as the problem solver in his industry, the one they said could do the impossible. He was in great demand.

When I finally met him it was at his spectacularly beautiful home he had built near the one my uncle was building. It was on an acre and a quarter with an oversized three car garage as well as an extra-large detached garage and workshop. He was involved in many different types of businesses, a few of which placed him in front of people doing presentations. He had an energy and exuberance about him that was unmatched by any I had met. He acted with the enthusiasm and beliefs of a child and yet, he was older than me.

A couple of years after we met I had decided to take up flying. He decided to do the same. It was during this time I learned something that shocked and rocked my world: In order to learn the flight materials he had asked my uncle to read the manuals to him for he was unable to read. Here was a man that was in great demand; was called on to solve the toughest problems; he was up in front of people motivating and challenging them and yet, he was unable to read! I was beyond stunned. How could this person have become so successful? How could he be so confident?

The second is a friend I would classify as my best friend outside my wife. He and I started our own companies about the same time and grew our businesses at about the same rate for the first several years. After being in business about six years I began diversifying into different things. Both of our businesses were growing steadily almost neck and neck. As we began to get to know one another better this friend confided in me how he battled with the ability to read and comprehend. He said it was a struggle to read, write and comprehend. Again, I was shocked as this person’s business had now grown well beyond mine in so much that he was about to sell just a minority portion of his business for many multiple millions. He also exuded an enthusiasm about what he was doing that was contagious. Although he was not as outgoing as my friend above, he did have the innate ability to believe it was all going to work out. He did believe that all was possible. He pushed past the discouragement making the impossible, possible.

The reason for the success of both of these men was the ability to use their imaginations. Like children, they had not lost the ability to use their imaginations. They had not cast aside the ability to dream and believe it can and will come to pass. They have chosen not to be victims of their limited abilities, but victors. They did not let previous failures hold them back or convince them the impossible was not possible. Although they had failed in the past, they did not allow this failure to cause them to be filled with a guilt that would stop or reduce their ability to imagine. Instead, they allowed their imaginations to pull them into the place of being victors AND SO CAN YOU…

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox