Victim or Victor Part 4

“How you respond to that which happens to you will let those around you know if you are a victim or victor…” — Rick Cox

Part 4

When man is a victim, he is run by his senses and able only to operate by that which the natural man, subject to the senses, can do. When man is a victor, he is so by virtue of his ability to imagine himself into a better place; to see success and believe in his heart that success is possible for him. Through imagination we have the power to be anything we desire; to transform any situation from bad to good, from mediocre to great, from victim to victor. Throughout our life though we fall short of our ideal and miss the mark, if however, we can remain free from guilt, we will maintain the ability to imagine or picture ourselves overcoming the obstacles of life. Stated another way, we will find in our hearts the capacity to overcome our weaknesses. This is what my two friends and countless millions have done through the ages.

This is what David, King of Israel, did when he was hiding in the caves running from Saul. He feigned himself crazy in order for those around him to leave him be instead of killing him. Later in life he found himself again hiding again in the caves running from his son Absalom when Absalom drove him from his own kingdom. Even when he committed adultery and murder he quickly became as a child by admitting his mistake and realigning himself with his ideal, which was to be king. In doing so the guilt was removed and he was able to move forward. Through all of this, though David was surely puzzled over what was happening in his life, he continued to thank God for protecting and delivering him. He kept his eye on what he knew in his heart he was to be and that was, king. We must do the same for we are king of our own life and circumstances.

David, like us, was not perfect in anyway. If there was one area he was very good at however, it would have been the ability to forgive himself of not being perfect, or having all the answers, or doing all the right things. He forgave himself for missing the mark or falling short of his ideal, just as we should. Like David, we must align ourselves with our ideal. We are also to be the KING of our own lives. As Jim Rohn said, “You can either make a living, that is to say have your life be run by someone else, or design your own life, that is to say be king of your own direction and future.” We are not to leave our life in the hands of others for this will only make us victims, but we are to design and fashion our own life and thereby, become victors.

Think of it, there are so many areas in which we are weak or short of the mark yet, by and through the power of imagination, or that which is already in our heart, we can overcome these weaknesses. The Bible says, “Let the weak say I am strong.” Joel 3:10. How can the weak do this unless they are able by faith to image or see it and thus BELIEVE IT? I say this because there is no difference between faith, belief and positive affirmation; for we are only affirming what has already been made available and or given to us by the creator of all, God.

Jesus said, “Whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it and you shall have it.” Mark 11:24. What is the difference between praying the above and meditatively confirming by verbal affirmation “that you are now what it takes to attract what you want?” There is no difference. It is one in the same. We are not to concern ourselves with how this can and will come to pass; we are to whole-heartedly align ourselves with our ideal and it will come to pass. We may have to change, to grow, to learn, or even to suffer, but if we are diligent, it will come to pass.

I know for many this is may seem far-fetched, but I assure you it is not. I speak by experience for not a single time has anything of significance happened to me that I didn’t see in my heart, previous to it happening. In each instance, the belief was so strong, I could see it, feel it and knew it would come to pass. What is significant about these desires are they grow over time. I have also had a few occasions where such an experience has happened, but not because of something I had previously desired or that grew over time. These happened because I envisioned something very real and strong when seeing someone or something.

One of the most significant was seeing, for the first time, the lady that became my wife. I had not met her nor did I know she existed previously, but upon seeing her I knew in my heart she would be my wife. It was a few weeks before I actually met her. The feeling and image in my heart were so real and overwhelming; it came to pass however, it is of great importance to understand I had plenty of opportunity to let this strong impression on my heart grow cold when she did not at first show much interest or accept my asking her on a date. I did not get discouraged nor did I quit, but continued until I won her heart. She is still the one today. On the other hand, the majority of the time these strong visions were due to having a burning desire inside, which came about over time, making it real in my heart. It was after a period of germination, if you will, the imagination became reality in the physical sense.

The last time this happened was the purchase of the home we now own. We had been searching for over seven years to find the right home at the right price. We had been looking predominantly in a certain area when one day my wife wanted to look at a home she had seen in the paper. When she told me where it was, I not only asked if it was in Arizona, I asked if she had a fever because it was nowhere near where she had always wanted to be. We drove by to see the home, which was a considerable distance, north of where we had been looking. It was actually north by about twenty minutes. I was not happy because I didn’t think she would be as she was a social butterfly and loved being in the mix of things, which was closer to the center of Phoenix.

Interestingly enough, when we drove by the home something clicked, but due to extenuating circumstances, we were unable to walk the home. That afternoon I did call to set up an appointment to view it the next day. While on the walk through with the Real Estate Agent, she pointed out a few key things that brought up in me an image of what it has become today. It was all there in my heart. Little did I know this would match the image in my heart; seeing as how it was nowhere near the area we had been looking? At first I didn’t want to see the home, but in following through, I found it was the right place for it was in my heart all along.

We had searched for over seven years looking every day for the right place; scouring hundreds of homes; watching for those homeowners that got in trouble in hopes of making a deal with them and all to no avail. Even when we were able to find a good deal there were over a dozen times we were thwarted by the local R/E agents not wanting the homes to sell below what they felt the market should be in that area. Our eventual response was to have our attorney send letters of cease and desist to these two agents yet, still no home was found. What I didn’t know then, but know now is we had become victims. Once we aligned ourselves with our ideal, we found the right home, which moved us from victims to victors.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox