Victim or Victor Part 5

“How you respond to that which happens to you will let those around you know if you are a victim or victor…” — Rick Cox

Part 5

We are who and what we are, by virtue of how we view the world, which means we are victims or victors by the same. Whether you are rich or poor, an honest person or a thief, you are what you are by virtue of the state from which you view the world (Neville Goddard). It is the state you are in that will determine where and what you are; it will also determine how you view all things around you. That is why two people can look at the same thing yet see something different. It is also the reason the vast majority of those who imitate successful people never make it; and of course when things don’t work for them they are quick to say, “This stuff doesn’t work.” The reason it doesn’t work is they have not changed on the inside; they are only acting from without, not operating from within. Things on the outside will only change when you change AND operate from within. All of the acting will do nothing until it becomes part of you; at this point you are no longer playing the part YOU ARE CREATING THE PART.

In creating the part, you are able to overcome weakness by partaking of the nature of the opposite of your weakness. This is the same as, “Christ in you the hope of Glory.” (Colossians 1:27) When we find a weakness, do we not search for the hope to overcome this weakness? It is also the same as, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13). If you are weak in an area and unable to perform then how could you do “all things” if you were not able to partake of the opposite of your weakness? You could not. The good thing however, is God has put His Spirit in us. It is up to us to work that which is on the inside to the outside. The problem comes because most people try to change the outside first.

We must awaken to the realization that everything we encounter is part of our self. The unfortunate truth is we rebel against the thought of having had anything to do with the bad we encounter. Yet, this is in fact truth, for reality lies within us not without. Our experiences are brought on by what is in our heart to the point that habitual moods reveal the state with which you are most comfortable, that which you occupy. It is best to embrace the fact that all experiences are from within. Neville said that we are the center of our beliefs and thus the center of our own web of circumstances so that as we change on the inside the outside world MUST and WILL change accordingly. More importantly, Jesus said the same thing in the statement, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things while an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” (Matthew 12:35) Both are saying what is in the heart is predominantly what will be going on around you. As previously stated, we are who and what we are by virtue of how we view the world; how we view the world is based on the condition of our heart so, it begs the question, “Am I viewing life with the heart of a victim or the heart of a victor?” The heart of a victim is in a state of believing everything around them is against them AND that they had nothing to do with it while the heart of the victor sees himself in the state of his desire, fulfilled. The right heart connects us with what we want – the desired state.

Once we realize where we are and what we are is not to be blamed on the world around us we can start growing. It is not fair to continue to blame anyone or anything externally for where we are. There is simply no excuse or reason since the heart of man is the issue. Again, Jesus said the evil man brings forth evil things out of the evil in his heart while the good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things. The truth is, most of us do not see ourselves as evil yet, some pretty bad things happen to us or even through us. This is because the majority is unaware of an inner conversation; of the conversation going on in our heart. This inner conversation is the one telling you that you are either bad or good, can’t or can, don’t try or do try, not worthy or worthy, etc. This inner conversation is the root reason for the circumstances happening all around yet, he sees himself as the victim of circumstances rather than the cause. Our inner speech is an image of what is in our heart.

The easiest way to connect with our desired state or the focus of our burning desire is to learn to think differently then we have in the past. By thinking differently we will rise out of the ashes of victimization into the place of conqueror. This different way of thinking is developing the skill to think from the end, that is to say, think from the state, dream, or image fulfilled. When most people want something they think OF that something. When they want a goal they think OF the goal. When they want to accomplish something they think OF accomplishing. The unfortunate part of this thinking is it will NEVER bring you to IT or IT to you. You must be there in your heart before it will come to pass. Most think as an onlooker in that they are thinking of, rather than thinking like a partaker, by thinking from. Learning to think from will change subjective experience, to objective experience. This is, as Neville put it, how one enters the wish fulfilled. You will find the ability do anything IF you will begin the habit of conceiving what you want in your heart WHILE thinking from the end.

Thinking from the end is thinking as God would have you think. Thinking from the end is allowing Christ to rise in you. Jesus said, “I am the beginning and THE END; I am the first and the last; I am the alpha and omega.” If you can get this revelation you will have made a tremendous leap ahead of the majority of those around. The Bible says, Jesus is in all and is all. If in fact He is the beginning and the end and it is the end (result) we seek, then all things have already been completed and are ready for us to partake of when we think from the end or the completion finally identifying with the state. According to the Bible, Jesus is and was involved in the creation of all things. He was there from the beginning. If He is in us then the creation of all is in us. If the creation of all is in us then it is up to us to identify with what it is we want, bringing it forth into this human plane.

Finally, do not make identification with a state something complicated. Identification with a state is as simple as having a desire to become an architect and going through what it takes to become and thus identify with an architect. If you had a desire to play the piano you would study and practice until you were able to identify with a piano player. Even if you did not have a natural propensity to do something it is possible to do it by identifying with the state of your opposite as we previously discussed…FOR ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox