Watch for Caves

“Many people are not willing to pay the price to be successful. Maybe that is why so many withdraw into comfort zones. They long for a place to rest, a place to be safe, a place to be comforted and coddled. But comfort zones are like caves.

Their darkness makes it hard to see, their walls box us in, and the stagnant air inside grows stale and becomes hard to breathe. So, watch for caves, or what some would see as a comfort zone. They all have low ceilings, and they keep us from stretching to our full height…” — Nido R. Qubein

If you were to study Koi fish, you would learn something about placing them in a pond too small for them to grow to their full-size capacity. Each Koi fish needs a very large volume of pond water to prevent growth stunting. Unlike humans, they can’t decide to move into another larger pond just because the one they inhabit is not large enough to accommodate their natural and normal growth size. But, we humans can and do have the capacity and ability to move out of confined spaces that stunt our growth, into open areas allowing us to grow into our full capacity, where we can become what it takes to attract success.

In the case of Koi, we are speaking of their physical habitation, but in the case of us as human beings, we are speaking of our mental perspective, our attitude toward life, i.e., is it pessimistic or optimistic. We are the ones in control of what we think. Pessimism will keep one from growing into their full capacity. Pessimism will keep one in a dark cave without the needed sunlight to help them remain healthy. Pessimism will keep one in the dark about life and all it has to offer. Pessimism keeps them from making the brave choice of getting out of the cave and moving into the light of the future.

On the other hand, optimism will open ones boundaries to all that is available. Optimism will take you out of the darkness and stale air of the cave, into the fresh, clean air available on the outside. We must however, choose to pay the price. The price isn’t something you can’t afford. It is not even something for which you work. It is simply a choice you make to begin thinking differently. Thinking out of the box. Instead of thinking little, you think big. Instead of thinking about the bad you choose to think about the good. Instead of believing the worst you believe the best. You begin to believe all things will work together for your good even though now that may seem impossible.

Life will do its best to put you in a small pond where you will be unable to grow and where you will have to fight for the food thrown in by others. While in this small pond and being pushed around by bigger fish you might want to hide in the rocks where there is little light and less room for growth. If however, you protest to the contrary, deciding to make life pay you what you want, this will remove you from the caves and dark places in life. It will take you to higher areas where there is more room and fresh air. It will allow you to grow into all you were meant to become.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox