Wealth & Inspiration

“Although dreams are sometimes never achieved it isn’t because they were too lofty or too farfetched; it is because there was not enough inspiration to keep the fire burning hot enough and long enough to bring the dream into reality…”

— Rick Cox

Throughout history, businesses have opened and closed, ventures have started and failed, ideas have come and gone, and dreams were held onto, but never fulfilled. The reason for this, more often than not, has been due to a lack of inspiration. For inspiration is the necessary fuel one must have in order to follow through on that which is required to accomplish ones goals, aspirations, and dreams. True inspiration is why those who are successful became successful. Their original motive was not riches or wealth; their motive was to fulfill what they felt inspired to accomplish. It was the motivation to accomplish that which was burning in their heart.

With regard to inspiration, I would go as far as to say everyone has been inspired to some level, but it is what one does when inspired that makes the difference. If you will take a close look at those that have and those that have not, you will discover the reason for the difference for you will readily see why those that have, have, and those that have not, don’t. You will see the separation lies in what those that have did do when struck with inspiration, and what those that have not didn’t do, when struck with the same inspiration.

Those in the have column responded by correctly acting on the inspiration. The correct action required much effort and work. Those in the have not column reacted to the inspiration with a disdain for the effort and work it would take to achieve the end result and as a result they did not give it their all as they were not willing to put forth enough effort to do that which would be required to bring it to fruition. Another reason is many are not acting on inspiration so much as they are acting out of or motivated by jealousy. That is a jealousy to have what others have, but they do not.

To understand what I am saying, one needs to know there are two types of have not’s: first there are those that have not acted on the inspiration when it came to them; second there those who allow jealousy (not inspiration) to fuel their vehicle in their search to HAVE. Remember, the have’s acted while there was some fuel to get it started; even though it was, but a small ember, burning in their soul. In other words, when the inspiration came into their hearts they acted on it by moving forward and doing something to bring the end result into reality.

In the first group, the have not’s received inspiration, but only gave thought to the inspiration. They gave no action. They thought about how awesome it would be to have the results of those that have however, they did nothing and nothing, begets nothing. In the second group, the have not’s see what others have and though they aspire to have it as well, there is no true or real inspiration other than jealousy, which is what they will use to fuel their vehicle in their hope to HAVE. So, with jealousy as their motive they set out to be like those that have, but attempt to do so without true inspiration; that is to say, they either do not have enough fuel or do not have the right kind of fuel to carry them through the tough times.

The issues with both are as follows: the first group never got started; never having applied the necessary effort to bring the inspiration into reality. Believe me considerable effort is always required. Unfortunately for them, they are unwilling to put forth the necessary effort to bring it to reality. The results are obvious for they remain in the have not column usually feeling the have’s owe them a living. It isn’t difficult to figure out it just takes hard work if one is going to achieve any measurable results.

There is nothing that comes from a free ride. Everything takes effort. Even the seed has to push through the soil and brave the winds, snow, heat, cold and drought if it is to grow to its potential AND, so it is with us as well. Every once in a while someone in the first group of those that have not does actually get started but thereafter, soon quit, seeing as how there was not sufficient fuel in the vehicle to carry them all the way to obtaining what they want. There is a reason for the insufficient fuel supply. The lack of fuel is due to a lack of DISCIPLINE. It takes discipline to stay at or with anything. It takes discipline to follow through when times are tough. It takes discipline to continue when all others abandon you; or when things seem bleak with no light at the end of the tunnel. Discipline will help turn that initial “ember” of inspiration into a raging fire, which everyone will want to come and see. Discipline will help one stay with it until their dream is birthed into reality.

The second group is different in that they will put forth effort however; their efforts are mostly based on jealousy, not legitimate inspiration. Unlike the have’s, in that they have true inspiration, those that have not only seek and desire the result, not the inspiration. Those that have not have had inspiration yet, due to the amount of work required, have not followed it. They seem content to take the easiest route with that being the route of the cheat or thief. What is most important to recognize here is it was inspiration that was the motive behind those that have, not the result. The result may often bring with it fortune and fame, but the result was not the initial focal point. Inspiration may come in the form of wanting to be the greatest piano player, quarterback, tennis player, architect, engineer, business man / woman, chef, actor, actress, singer, song writer, play write, screen writer, author, speaker, teacher, or whatever. The most important thing to recognize is this: it WAS and IS the inspiration to become that was first important, not the result.

I am reminded of the “overnight sensation” of Terry Fator. He had always aspired to be the world’s best ventriloquist and entertain large audiences. He had been inspired as a young boy to become a ventriloquist so he acted on it and began to practice, practice and practice. His Dad never supported what he aspired to do, but his mother did. She even sacrificed by saving for three years finally being able to purchase what is now his favorite puppet, the singing cowboy, Walter T. Airedale.

Mr. Fator traveled all over the country doing his show, but never really making more than enough to get by. The travel of his job had him away from home nine months out of the year yet, he continued doing his show all the while honing in his skills and gifts. Year after year Mr. Fator traveled across the country with little to no recognition to show for it. Truth is, what was stated above about Terry Fator, was not true. He was definitely not an overnight sensation. He had been honing in and working on his gifts and skills for many long and lonely years previous to becoming the success he is today. He stayed faithful to his inspiration and disciplined himself to follow through even though there was little to show for his efforts. This is true inspiration. By staying true to his inspiration he has now been rewarded by that which often follows: he is able to bless others with what he has been given and in doing so is being blessed, himself.

You can do the same if you will take the time to follow the inspiration(s) in your own heart. Get started today for if you do, we may all one day pay to see or hire you for your developed skill and expertise.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox