Wealth & Wisdom

“The power of wealth doesn’t exist in any material possession you have…the power of wealth comes from within you…” — Rick Cox.

Material things can come and go. What is most important is discovering where your ability to create material things came from in the first place. Many have lost millions of dollars and truck loads of possessions overnight and though depressed and discouraged, bounced back with new ideas and new concepts, which soon brought back that which they had, plus much more. You see, the power to have wealth isn’t in your bank account, the house you live in, the car you drive or the clothes on your back or hanging in your closet. The ability to produce wealth comes packaged as optimism, passion, ingenuity, creativity, discipline, and tenacity applied over a period of time, all of which point to the reason for the power of wealth: WISDOM. Therefore, learn to develop these qualities by seeking wisdom. In doing so, this will allow you to create unlimited wealth. A wealth that cannot be taken away for this wealth comes from inside you.

You see, the truth is the majority are not able to acquire or have wealth because they are ignorant while those that have wealth have it because they understand what that it took wisdom to get the wealth in the first place. They also understand that it takes wisdom to maintain it and make it grow. Therefore the difference between those that have and those that don’t is the lack of wisdom. For those that have wealth understand wisdom to be a frame of mind or state of the heart. It is not the state of one’s bank account or whether one physically possesses more than others. This type of thinking is a lack of wisdom.

The book of Proverbs says it best: (paraphrased)…wisdom has more merchantability than silver and gold…the gain is better than gold and more precious than rubies and there is nothing that can be desired which is better than wisdom for in her right hand is length of days and long life and in her left hand riches and honor…her paths are peaceful and pleasant; she is a tree of life bringing happiness to all who seek and find her…

The gain of having wisdom is better than the gain of having gold for wisdom has more value than gold; therefore you can use wisdom to get more gold. If the gold is stolen then through wisdom you can acquire more. Wisdom has the highest value for wisdom will spend in any economy regardless of the currency. Real wealth then is found in WISDOM. Wisdom is what one should seek not money for money is fleeting, but wisdom is eternal.

Most of us go through life seeking this and that – wanting this and that – desiring this and that – craving this and that – trying to get this and that. Proverbs however, says with all of your getting get wisdom – get understanding and forget it not for wisdom is the principle thing therefore, get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding. In other words we are all going through life trying to “get” the wrong thing when what we need to be “getting” is wisdom & understanding.”

We go to school to get knowledge, but do not get wisdom. We obtain a degree, but to not get understanding. With wisdom & understanding one can get whatever one wants for wisdom & understanding work anywhere in the world regardless of race, creed or religion. Wisdom & understanding will correctly apply the knowledge we have gained and therefore, make it as useful as money.

So, how and where can I get this wisdom? Can I buy it? Yes, one can purchase wisdom, but only with your time; it cannot be purchased with money. Time is the one thing we all have in common. It is the equalizer for it has the same value to all depending on how it is used, spent or invested. Using your time to obtain wisdom is the only way to buy wisdom. You can “spend” your time watching TV or perhaps reading novels of little to no intrinsic value or you can “invest” your time in study and contemplation until what you are reading COMES TO LIFE in your heart. At this point you are getting wisdom & understanding in or on that subject; you now know this subject inside out for you are now able to use this knowledge wisely spending it as money. Those around you will seek you out for the expertise you now possess. They will pay for your wisdom with the currency of the day.

So, with all your getting, get wisdom and get understanding. Make sure you are focused on getting what is best for you each and every day as well as for the long haul. When you do this and you incur a loss, you will not have lost anything you can’t GET back for you will have the wisdom of how it is gained and how to get it back and it will not take as long the second time around.

The bottom line is to GET WISDOM & GET UNDERSTANDING for therein is true wealth.

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox