Reaching Your Destination

“For what you become will always be of greater value than what you obtain…” — Rick Cox

In our desire to obtain it all, to reach that coveted destination, and to achieve that prized goal, we are often not aware of what we are becoming in the process. It is of the utmost importance however, to recognize what you become has much more value and is of greater importance than what you may get and or obtain. As a matter of fact, you will find the ability to increase your capacity to make money is easier when you become better at what you do. Becoming better at what you do can provide two significant things to your life: The first significant thing it can do is cut many extraneous hours off your work day thus allowing you extra time to spend with the family or in mentoring others or in enjoying a hobby. The second significant thing it can do is help you to increase your efficient use of time so when you do work longer in this efficient mode you will be producing more and therefore, increase your value to the market place.

In other words, the goal or ultimate destination is to become the best you can be, to develop all of your potential. The ultimate destination should not be the accumulation of money or material gain for the true value is in what you become, not what you get. When one begins working to become their best, they find it easier to attract that which they want. They find they are the employee or consultant that is kept when those who have been in positions for long lengths of time and are no longer contributing to the bottom line are laid off. More often than not these laid-off employees find themselves up a creek without an oar for they are unable to land a job allowing them to do what they were doing in the past, which was contributing little to nothing to the bottom line of the company yet, getting paid a considerable sum of money.

When you become more, there is no need for worry or concern about your future for your value to the company and more importantly, the market place, will keep you employed. Along with this, when you become more it matters not whether some catastrophic event causes you to lose any material wealth gained. That is because you will have the ability to get it all back. The reason for this is simple: you now know what it takes to reproduce the same effort and get the same result because you have already done it. By duplicating what you did previously you can bring it all back. Hopefully, the next time around you implement some safety nets in order to help guard against allowing these events to reducing you and your net worth to zero.

Our quest to reach a destination is often so hurried, so haphazard that we are either not paying attention to what is happening and or we are not paying attention to what we are becoming. What you are becoming is far more important than the destination you are trying to reach. According to Jim Rohn, the question we need to ask ourselves on or about our job is not, “What am I getting?” The most important question to ask ourselves on or about our job is, “What am I becoming?” When things are the toughest at your job maybe it is because you are in need of learning something new such as gaining the knowledge of implementing a new or different process or system, which in turn would make you more valuable.

Let’s say you decide you want to be millionaire by the time you are forty; that is your destination. What is going to be required of you to make that happen? This is what is most important; it is not the million dollars. For, if you happen to luck into becoming a millionaire, but do not have a millionaire mentality, it is highly likely you will not be a millionaire for long. Jim Rohn said, “Pity the one who inherits a million dollars, but isn’t a millionaire; this is what is sad, if your income grew, but you didn’t.” The person who doesn’t have a millionaire mentality will wind up losing the fortune because he/she is unable to handle such responsibility. They have not become a millionaire; they have simply inherited or somehow lucked into a million dollars. There is a wide gap between the two.

Some reach their destination by treading on the less fortunate. Some reach their destination by endearing themselves to others who can or will support them; that is to say one who will in essence, enable them. Another way one might reach their destination is by winning the lottery or inheriting it. Regardless, none of these ‘chosen roads’ will make you a better person; none will make you more valuable; none will help you become more and of even greater importance, none will prepare you for what it takes to handle the millionaire accountability. Only wisdom, knowledge, and experience, will do that. You don’t get wisdom, knowledge, or experience by trying to cheat your way through life. Remember, what you become in order to reach your destination is much more important than actually reaching it

If you were to decide to climb Mount Everest, you would need to become what it would take to complete that journey. You would have to study and develop the skill of reading the weather, terrain, snow, ice, and rock scape. You would have to become physically fit enough to make the ascension. So you see, even what you would have to become in deciding to climb Mount Everest would make you more valuable than just reaching the destination. What you become could be used in a myriad of other endeavors, whereas reaching your destination would have value only to you. There isn’t near the marketability of the fact you reached the top of Mount Everest that there is in what you became to accomplish it.

It isn’t what you have gained in affluence that makes you valuable or important IT IS WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE – IT IS WHO AND WHAT YOU BECOME. For if what you had was taken then what would you be able to offer the market place in order to maintain your current life style? It is very unfortunate, but none the less a true fact when most people lose the material wealth they have gained, they seldom, if ever, get it back. This is simply because they didn’t mentally, spiritually, and emotionally have what it took to replace what they had; they hadn’t become what it takes to attract that which they wanted. Seek to become something of value while you travel life’s road. Make becoming your quest and the destination a reward for the achievement, not the end-all. If you do this I believe you will find life to be much more fulfilling…

Best of LUCK as you
Labor Under Correct Knowledge…


Rick Cox