Stoking Your Furnace by Nido R. Qubein

“Goals,” said bestselling author Brian Tracy, “are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” — Nido R. Qubein

Life is too short for you to settle for second best in your career, in your personal life, or in any of your significant relationships. That said, any goal that does not take into account all three areas is not worthy of your pursuit. Whatever keeps you from reaching your goal for TODAY has better be important because it is costing you a day of your life.

Goals are not complicated. They are simply a way of breaking a vision, dream or accomplishment into smaller, workable units. By doing this you will either wind up where you want to go; make a dream a reality; or succeed at making that accomplishment a reality.

“Goals,” said bestselling author Brian Tracy, “are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.” Nido R. Qubein

I just read a book about Habits. Although I enjoyed this book, it made the statement that goals are not as important as systems. It goes on to say if you put in place the right system, you do not need goals.

If you really think this through, it is easy to see the fallacy of this type of thinking for without goals, there is no reason to have a system. I say this because EVERYONE has a system. Some systems are simply to be lazy and do nothing all day. There are many systems such as this that will get you nothing at the end of the day and obviously at the end of life. Make no mistake about it, there was a goal. The goal was to do nothing. The goal was to accomplish nothing. The goal was to bury your talents in the sand without taking risk and making things happen based on you taking control of your life and future. The goal was to leave your life in the hands of others and allow them to decide what you will have and how you will enjoy it.

I choose to live differently. I choose to make life pay me what I desire. I choose to live on more than the scraps off the table of those with plenty. I choose to make something of my life and become all I can be. I must set GOALS (plural) and then devise a system and continue to alter these systems as necessary in order to have my vision and dream become a reality. That is how I choose to live.

Best of LUCK as you
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Rick Cox